Here are 10 vampire facts:

1.) Fact: Vampires live on blood.  In all the different stories, legends, and folklore surrounding vampires, this is universally a common trait of all vampires – they feed on blood.  There is some question on whether or not it has to be human blood, some stories say it can be animal blood.

2.) Fact:  Vampires take on a darker color when they drink blood.  Some people describe it as a warm flush.

3.) Fact: Vampires do have weaknesses.  They are not invincible.  Legends and folklore cite many different possibilities as to what those weaknesses are however not all stories agree with what actually works.  Some of the more common theories cited in legends include garlic, crosses, beheading, sunlight, stake through the heart, holy water, fire, and of course werewolves.

4.) Fact: Not all vampires have fangs.  Some of the earliest stories of vampires describe creatures that do not have the fangs that are so commonly depicted in vampires today.

5.) Fact: Humans are not the only vampires.  There are a few vampiric animals that exist including some birds, bats, and fish.

6.)  Fact:  Humans have believed in vampires for centuries.  In the Middle Ages especially, the belief in vampires was at a near panic level.  Humans believed that the plague could be spread by vampires, so they would shove bricks into the mouths of dead corpses believed to be vampires.  One such corpse was discovered in 2009 in Venice.

7.) Fact: Dracula is a famous vampire novel, not a real person or vampire.  But the novel was based on a real person – Vlad the Imapaler.

8.) Fact:  In some cultures the Devil and the vampire are virtually interchangeable beings.  Although it is worth mentioning that this is only some cultures. Many western cultures have a much more positive view of the vampire.

9.) Fact: A number of vampires that have banded together can be called a pack, a coven, or a clan.

10.) Fact: The question of whether or not vampires are real is universally debatable, but the fact is that there are a number of self-professed vampires, humans that truly claim to be vampires.