Vampire Grave in Lafayette Colorado?

Some locals believe there’s a vampire buried in Lafayette, Colorado. But is the man whose tombstone sits in the local cemetery really a vampire?

Apparently the vampire in question is a man named Fodor Glava who was a miner in the small town of Lafayette back in the early part of the 20th century. He died close to a hundred years ago – back in 1918. Rumors started swirling shortly after his death that he was not human, but rather a vampire!

The bulk of this belief is based on his heritage…it’s no secret that he came from Transylvania – his country of birth is boldly emblazoned on his tombstone. Transylvania, of course, is best – and most famously – known as being home to vampires.

Aside from his home country of Transylvania, locals claim that there are other mysterious and odd things about his resting place that point to the fact that he is (or may be) a vampire. One includes the fact that there are “blood-red bushes” that grow by his grave. Another is a tree that grew from where his heart would have been buried.

Are these oddities enough to with certainty say that this hundred year old miner from Transylvania is a vampire? You decide!



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