Vampire Graves found in Poland

About a week and a half ago, polish archaeologists unearthed vampire graves!  Does this discovery provide even more proof in the existence of vampires – that they lived then or  are still alive now?


Apparently the graves were in the path of a new roadway that was being built near Gliwice, Poland.  The graves were unearthed during its building.  There were four graves total believed to date back to the 16th century.  The graves in question were quickly and easily identified as vampire graves thanks to the method in which they were buried – at the time of death, skulls had been removed from the body and nestled between the legs of the bodies….this is one of the classic methods known from myths and legends to destroy vampires.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last vampire burial discovered.  In Bulgaria just last year for example, archaeologists unearthed a vampire burial ground dating back to the Middle Ages! (Those vampires  however had stakes through their hearts – another well-known and classic method of destroying vampires). And there have been various other discoveries – vampire graves keep popping up when archaeologists do not expect them – in Italy, in Connecticut, in the Czech Republic..


Interestingly, despite the fact that archaeologists continually discover what they do not argue are unequivocally vampire graves, they still refuse to believe in the possibility that vampire may have existed/might currently exist.  Instead they choose to label these finds as an interesting look at the eccentricities and misheld beliefs of times gone by. Most scientists take this default position.  What however would happen if scientists took the default standpoint that these bodies that were found are indeed real vampires? What would be the result if they then went about trying to discredit that theory?  It’s an interesting question, but one that is unlikely to ever see the real answer, as the few that do try to consider other “unpopular” theories are often labeled as crazy or lunatic.

But what is more dangerous? To discredit the beliefs of generations of people as mere superstition and /or lack of education? Or to look at specific scientific evidence that is presented with an open mind without preconceived beliefs on what is and is not true?



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12 Responses

  1. Titan says:

    Many found bodies, teeth, and diaries stating these people were vampires, Interesting subject, where do you find a job with supernatural? lol 🙂

  2. she wolf says:

    @Titan: Be a cryptozoologists.

  3. ObsdByWerewolves says:

    That’s amazing! Very interesting.

  4. Titan says:

    @she wolf: Wait- that job includes supernatural?! I thought it included chasing rainbows D:

  5. she wolf says:

    @Titan: No! Being a cryptozoologist is to study pseudo-science. That means all supernatural, Mysterious and aything that the science refuses were studied by these Zoologists.

  6. Titan says:

    @she wolf: Heh heh. I know i’m just being a meanie lol :3

  7. Titan says:

    @she wolf: I’m sorry, girl don’t be pouty. -brofists she wolf- there u are okay :3 (lol)

  8. S keyc says:

    Who knows maybe they were rel maybe they are still real – if they are they keep them selfs hidden so Idiots like us don’t make them extinct. Just like they believe mermaids are real now !! anybody see the YouTube video of the real fairy ?? I believe it’s real Very not know hoax ! the guy seemed really confused by this thing that he recorded !! it scared him and his children off running !! It seems in recent years more so in 2013 all the things that we have known to be Fake or legend have come out to be real !!! keep your eyes and your minds open people ! You never know what could come next.

  9. she wolf says:

    @Titan: Well that’s alright. -puts a thumbs on Titan-

  10. she wolf says:

    @Titan: Well that’s alright. -puts a thumbs up on Titan-

  11. Titan says:

    @she wolf: No you didn’t 😛 I shan’t forgive ya :3 just kidding we’re cool.

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