Vampire Hunter Costume

There shouldn’t be many people on this site that want werewolf hunter costumes, so thought I’d pass along some ideas for a popular “hunter” costume – the vampire hunter!

To make a “traditional” vampire hunter costume that people would recognize, you could use a long black trench coat, a wooden stake, a bible or a cross, and a string of garlic. You could also dress up like a priest and carry the accessories listed above. Or you could opt for more modern version like a Jessica Biel Blade Vampire Hunter-type costume – leather, spandex, and a fake bow and arrow.

If you are serious about getting rid of vampires, and not just looking for costume ideas, you’ll want to take a closer look at something like the vampire kit and the items it holds.



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  1. me says:

    lol! a vampire hunter? more likely a vampire snack. ^^

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