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Well, just a quick post about a werewolf game (itunes link) available online for the ipod – called Undead Live
Werewolf vs vampire vs. Overlords – it’s an online fantasy strategy game. The game is available through ITunes. It puts you in a land where vampires, werewolves, and overlords are the supreme being that rule the land. You are transformed into an immortal and work your way through quests in the game to grow your power and influence. It’s a pretty new game – I haven’t played it, but looks interesting to play a werewolf vampire game.



Do you love werewolves? Do you turn into one? Do you know when they transform? Learn all About Me! Or even better Link To Me!

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152 Responses

  1. kat says:

    i think im half vampire half werewolf what do i do

  2. hanssenb says:

    @ kat its not possible you would distroy yourself by the time you were two trust me ive seen it
    you are either were, vamp or human sorry but its the truth

  3. i wish i can be a vampire too and i am waiting to be one!!!!!!!!!

  4. ELANA says:

    im am i rill were wolf and vampier u want to be one vistet immortal night

  5. silverwolf says:

    i like good vampire

  6. silverwolf says:

    your right they stuck my ass i can kick there ass im a werewolf

  7. faith says:

    i can beat up those vamps and ill be a werewolf and ill be some kids pet lol!! 😛

  8. faith says:

    werewolves are myths people say but i belive there real i see them in my head i see them as people i don know i think people think im crazy i just don know.. you probley think im crazy

  9. WEREWOLF says:

    i love werewolves more than vamp even thoe my friend is a real vampire. i am a real werewolf, but me and her get along real well

  10. Dral says:

    @kat: you all are just tlk ill about vampires well for ur notice am a vampire i dnt rilli c wats bad abt us cus u cn luk at us bt wunt knw dat we are vamps bt u warewolfs cnt come out in public to relate in ur true self. i also have a frnd who’s a hybrib an the both of us make a prity good team. do u knw wat it’l b lik if we the vamps and the wolfs b at peace we can accomplish gr8.

  11. Jacob Black says:

    My name is Jacob Black from the music video bet on it jacob black and I want to join your website and how does your website work

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