Vampires Kiss

It is amazing the extent to which humans have romantacized vampires and isolated werewolves as the meaner of the two creatures. Take for example the term “Vampires Kiss“. This is a very popular expression that refers to the bite the vampire takes to suck the blood from it’s victim. The word “kiss” implies a light, gentle touch – a carress – something that is acceptable. By calling it a vampire”kiss” humans have romantacized the whole atrocious act of the blood-sucking life-taking vampire. The kiss that they refer to is actually a gruesome act of sucking the life out of a human.

There is no such “gentle” comparable term when referring to werewolves…you never hear of the “werewolf kiss”…rather, it’s the werewolf “attack” – and of course a very negative image is brought up. I think the whole imagery of the vampire was created in part by vampires themselves to give humans a false sense of comfort and make it easier for vampires to find their victims. We alll know that vampires are also very ego-driven, and hate to be referred to as blood-suckers. The creation of the term “kiss” helps them in these 2 objectives.



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23 Responses

  1. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    im friends with 2 vamps neither drink human blood only animal and blood from blood banks

  2. me says:

    blood banks eh? so does the bank give them without asking them why or what?

  3. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    steal it and buy it

  4. me says:

    ahahhahah ^^ buying and stealing? what’s the difference? the only difference would be if they steal it from me. ahhahahahah ^^

  5. Jay says:

    lol the vampires kiss eh lol it’s true too they often do associate werewolves with attack. It’s kind of unfair if you think about it. I mean its not like you loose yourself to the beast all the time and even then its not like your 100% guaranteed to attack someone.

  6. i agree with you jay about the kissing thing

  7. well wolf of dique i triy to hurt my self so that i cant mak myself drink hummen blood

  8. my frieand are okey with me being a vampier so are my mom and my sisters my dad on the other hand was oh not so please i mean come on my parent found me in a forbiden house all bloody up and thay thinked that it was some tipe of animal that did it to me

  9. well me i never even tried to stell blood from eneyone but i tried to but some one saw me and then now after that i swore i wlould never do it agen but i feel like iwont to do it agen when knowone is looking

  10. so what is up with guys

  11. I had never heard that term of “vampire’s kiss” before. I would venture to say it didn’t feel much like a kiss!

  12. skysky says:

    i love werewolves so i would say werewolf kiss and vampire attack

  13. Vampires kiss is more of a bite! heh

  14. Kelly (just is) says:

    Well perhaps, i’d rather not try it! Ewww cooties haha.

  15. gingervamp says:

    this site knows nothing, vampires do tend to be the more attractive species, and yes, vampire kisses do exist, our bite is soft and shallow since our teeth sink not very far and sharp enough to only sting at first

  16. i love vampire and i am vampire with a vampire boyfriend he name is jacob

  17. death-is-me says:

    hmn well thats very in sightful i guess.

  18. Night says:

    @vampire girl: Hmm, we need to know this why?

  19. Hmmm…I wonder what an actual vampire’s kiss is like…

  20. Ricole says:

    Oh, interesting. I know sevreal of these. Am related to sevreal of these, and try to resist it in myself.I first encountered the term “psychic vampire” or “emotional vampire” when I first began to study Wicca, 12-13 years ago. Until very recently, I only ever heard magickians of various stripes use it. It tickles me to see the term go more mainstream. It’s really a universal concept.

  1. August 29, 2010

    […] it might be considering how vampires were thought to be at the time, but rather it talks about the kiss of a vampire. Here is the complete poem, translated from it’s original […]

  2. May 22, 2011

    […] looks like a kiss from afar – some people have actually referred to the vampire bite as a vampire kiss. It is not until after the bite is over that the pain sets in. The wound, which is only small […]

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