Vampires vs Zombies

Why are zombies always talked about in the same sentence as vampires and werewolves? Well, one of the main reasons is because zombies and vampires actually share one big interesting similarity – which is that both zombies and vampires are “undead“. Undead creatures are creatures that are dead, but they still walk around and seem human – they still seem alive in some respects. Technically though, they are not alive – they have no heartbeat, and the traditional laws of nature do not apply to them.

The main difference however between zombies and vampires is that zombies are for the most part considered mindless creatures. Their main drive (traditionally) is to eat the flesh of humans. Most are depicted as not having any type of intelligence left, and operate mostly on instinct. The bodies of zombies also tend to be decomposed and ghoulish, as there is nothing keeping it nourished and healthy. Vampires on the other hand are quite intelligent. It is only their bodies that have died, not their minds. They keep their bodies nourished, young, and whole by drinking blood. Vampires are also known to have the ability to rationalize and use judgement, unlike zombies which are mindless.

Interestingly, sometimes werewolves are also grouped into the trio, so sometimes you’ll hear discussions about “werewolves, vampires, and zombies”. It’s important to remember however that werewolves are very different from zombies and vampires in that they are NOT undead. Werewolves are very much alive.



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7 Responses

  1. Värlôc says:

    Zombies aren’t always unorganized. There are several movies and stories out there that prove my point.

    Zombieland depicts zombies as fast creatures that are able to mentally change to their surroundings. (i.e. When the amusement park opened.)Another movie depicted them as organized creatures who could talk and operate weaponry.

    There is a Phillipian folklore that tells of zombies as “skilled agricultural workers.” Salt was their only weakness, and when they were fed salty food, they realized that they were dead and returned to their respective graves.

    This shows that zombies are suitable for working on farms. They wouldn’t be if their fleshworn and ragged.

    Don’t listen to the stereotypical role of the zombie. They’re actually smarter and stronger than what everyone tends to believe.

  2. Panther says:

    MAN I loved Zombieland

  3. wuzzup says:

    are you crazy?werewolves could take on zombies and vampires at the same time!

  4. lonewolf123 says:

    Wuzzup, well, zombies, of course. a human could kill a zombie. but zombies AND VAMPIRES, thats a 2 against one. lets put this in order from least strength to most. least strongest: human 2nd least strongest: zombie strongest is both vampires and werewolves. if a vampire had a help, werewolves would lose. 😥

  5. Not really. I mean the werewolf could be an Alpha or a Rouge. Then the werewolf would win.

  6. lonewolf123 says:


  7. Solomon518 says:

    @Shadow Hunter: If the vampire was an Original he would definitely win.

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