Printable Werewolf Mask
Printable Werewolf Mask
Printable Werewolf Mask

Also known as nosferatu or blood-suckers, vampires are supernatural gothic beings that suck the blood from living creatures. Vampires are commonly referred to as “the undead” because they are said to be real reanimated corpses – not alive, but not yet dead. It is a common myth that vampires sleep in coffins during the daytime, modern day vampires would find this almost impossible.

It is also said that they cannot walk in the light of day or they will burn and die. Originally a part of folklore, vampires are now common in horror stories, movies, and even vampire books.

Around the world, vampires go by a number of different names, all which make the blood of humans run cold.  In Eastern European countries, they’re known as Incubus, in Mexico, as Tlahuelpuchi, the Philipines call them Aswang, Portugal calls vampires the Bruxa or the Lobishomen, and Serbians call them Vampyres. There’s even a word in Latin for vampire – Strix.  Every country has their own word for this undead creature.  And every country has its own mythology about them too.

Here are some basic of the basic myths and facts about vampires:  1.) It is said that they are immortal creatures – meaning they live forever and do not die. 2.) They subsist on blood – of any creature, although they do prefer humans. 3.) They can potentially be destroyed, although the how of that is not quite known for sure…some of the more common methods include stake through the heart, and exposure to the sun.

Take some time and learn more about the Undead.



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141 Responses

  1. Lexi says:

    If you don’t believe in vampire, or werewolves then why get on this site

  2. Aline says:

    That makes sense : a human can’t transform to an animal. Same thing for a vampire transforming to a bat or a warewolf to a wolf… That’s all.

  3. shewolf says:

    you tell him

  4. she wolf says:

    @shewolf: Hey! Don’t be a copy cat username! There’s already a she wolf here! Can you change your name into something else?

  5. Carli says:

    Hello, I’m a werewolf. And I have a problem.

    Yesterday, I saw a bat out of my window. I thought it was no big deal and started to read my werewolf diary. Suddenly, I heard a scream. I looked out my window and saw a person beneath it wearing a sun hat. I have good sight and caught a glimpse of it’s teeth. The canines looked long.

    Did I just see a vampire with bat-shifting issues?

  6. Dax says:

    There is no such thing as vampires or werewolves Carli. So it was probably someone wearing fake vampire teeth. By the way, and this part my comment goes out to all the rest of you weirdos that get on this site, if vampires and werewolves were real, they would be dead or in jail for eating people and sucking blood.


  7. Lycanhope says:

    @Dax: Why would we eat people? Doesn’t sound overly tasty, and I don’t really condone cannibalism.

  8. Mary says:

    I hate it when people say that werewolves eat people. We eat a human diet and sometimes i hunt. Most werewolves don’t eat people.

  9. Ilysa says:

    I’m a believer. I believe. There’s so many questions I have and my curiosity is eating me alive. If anyone has anything, please please email me. Things, dangerous things are going on in my life and I need to know how to deal with them. [email protected] Anyone has ANYTHING vampires werewolves prophecies hybrids ANYTHING please shoot me an email

  10. Mannaro says:

    This website is too posh to provide any real information about us and if this is all humanity can muster…… well lets say I’m peckish.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    You’re peckish? Really? That’s your response?
    My faith in humanity keeps dropping by the day, honestly.

  12. Mary says:

    Vampires can go crawl in a ditch and burn.

  13. Mary says:

    Filthy blood sucking hell dwellers

  14. Mary says:

    F-ing scum sucking b****es

  15. Mary says:

    I hope i have made my point

  16. Lycanhope says:

    Very much so, and not in a good way.

  17. then why are u on this website dax

  18. ainsumLe says:

    @dax you’ve obviously done your research on stereotypes…

    @mary I feel the same way about vampires-_-

  19. Sunn virk says:

    i think guys if they exist so the films are made on them
    not even from us has seen a man transform from goat to man so, i think that is real or was real

  20. Soul Tepes says:

    @Mary & @ainsumLe: You might want to watch your tongue. Some Vampyr just might cut it out. You call Vampyrs blood sucking, have you not seen your government, as well as your lawyers? Try it again little one, I would love to watch one tear you apart just to show you how blood thristy they really are. And by the way not all Vampyr’s drink from humans, to put facts straight, most humans are flithy anyway, why would they want to poison themselves.
    Have you even met one? How do you judge so quickly on someone you don’t know anything about, Btw, vampyr’s haven’t used covens in years, they are now seprated into clans just as the Lycanthropes. It keeps the ancients from killing each other. So why judge someone who kills for surrvival when humans do the same. Just cause you turn furry doesn’t mean you can judge someone else on their choice of diets.

  21. phantom says:

    Wow as a human I say someone turn me ? But looking at the arguments there realy is t much difference between humans and vampires or werewolves. Some get along others don’t and we’re all trying to prove that stereotypes are just bs.

  22. Nicklaus says:

    @phantom: Thats all it is really. Some hate others for personal reasons, some just cause they are different. It is no different.

  23. suzet says:


  24. suzet says:


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