Vampires Signs

Vampire bat art
Vampire Bat: A symbol of a vampire
Vampire bat art

Vampire Symbology

What are common symbols associated with Vampires?

  • Bats

    Vampire bat art

    Vampire Bat: A classic symbol of a vampire

  • No reflections in the mirror
  • Speed
  • holy water
  • crucifixes
  • The nightime
  • Fangs
  • Claws
  • Blood
  • Not being able to be out in the sun
  • Coffins
  • mind reading
  • immortality
  • garlic
  • Vampires must be have an invitation to enter your home
  • The Cross

    The Religious Cross is said to ward off the vampire

800 Responses

  1. Laika says:

    To me, being a werewolf isn’t a curse, it’s a gift.Werewolves are the protectors of humans

    • tylee says:

      i think yore rite

    • Mr. Greene says:

      That’s what I see it as, we kill the demonic creatures, you just got to be careful not to worship pagan gods, for you are by anscestrial blood heritage are descendants of angels and demons and Lillith, they can trick you to do evil, but nobody is stepping up to preach to you guys about Jesus, I’ll try to be the first when I’m turned.

    • Loki says:

      @Mr.Green As far as I can read it, you’re telling BS. But explain;what do you mean by “we kill the demonic creatures, you just got to be careful not to worship pagan gods” If I have read well (which was very hard), that was a threat to all ww who worship pagan gods because they’re ‘demonic’. If it was a threat, you’re deep in the shit. i I wrong, I have said nothing apart from the part that it is very hard to read your post good.

  2. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    garlic, sunlight, the cross, coffins, imortality, and claws are all false im a vampire but none of thoe things affect me

  3. fuzzyfur says:

    seriously, u fakers really need to get a life. how babyish to pretend to be a vampire? grow up, posers.

  4. Emma says:

    How do I become a vampire

  5. May I ask can werewolf and a vampire fall in love?

  6. can I ask can werewolf and a vampire possibly fall in love?

  7. carlos says:

    Humans have most commonly mistaken us to be, either in league with, or having the gift of being able to transform into a bat. This is false. Although we do have a tendency to rest in caves after a long journey, that is the only time we associate with bats.
    You can see our reflections in the mirror, the accusation that you cannot, is also false. There may be a difference in the particles that make our being, but vampires can be photographed and seen in the mirror.
    We are fast.
    Holy water is normal water.
    Crucifixes aren’t effective – most vampires are not religious, so it would not even effect us mentally/emotionally.
    It is not true that we burn as soon as we enter sunlight, but we do burn after hours of being in contact with it.
    Vampires do not have fangs, we do not use our teeth to drink, instead we use our hardened nails to cut the skin and drink from the shallow wound. Then we heal the wound with our spit that can close it.
    No claws, just hardened nails that only our teeth are strong enough to cut.
    We do sleep in coffins, though they are not vital to our sleeping arrangements.
    Some vampires acquire gifts once they have turned, so some have the ability to read minds, but not all. Though vampires can communicate telepathically between each other, whereas half-vampires cannot.
    We are not immortal. Full vampires age 1 year in every 10, and half-vampires age 1 year in every 5.
    We can eat garlic.
    We do not enter human homes often, but when we do, unless hunting, we do ask to go in, but we do not need permission.
    We eat human food and drink blood, animal and human. We do need to feed on humans regularly but not every day.

    • jjvamplover says:

      But how do you become a vampire?

    • carlos says:

      First you must find a vampire that will blood you
      They will use their nails to make a cut on each of your fingertips, they then will repeat this process on themselves.
      Then you will be instructed to press your fingertips to theirs, this will allow your blood to flow into the vampire through one hand, and the vampires blood into you through the other hand.
      This will be a painful process, but it wont take long. The duration time depends on whether you are making the change into a vampire, or a half-vampire.
      After a few days, the vampire blood will take effect and you will become aa creature of the night.

    • beelz says:

      Carlos, do you have an email I can contact you on? I have a couple of questions for you.

    • skylar says:

      Hi carlos, i have a quetion thats really getting to me about what you have said. But i want to know your being real with me and not playing around, I need to know if what your saying is true, not that I don’t belive you but I have been played many times and I’m don’t who to trust.
      I’m not sure if I’m anything like a vampire but I have some the thing you talk about, such as I have unsally hard nails, I love the look of blood (but never drinked thow I thought about it when i see it), I can’t stand the sun and burn way to easily and I love the night, stay up alot and love darkness but theirs stuff about me such as I have visions in my dreams about the future that come true and I feel like i can feel the soul or life forms of people when I hug them and sometimes feel full after. Non if makes sence but after seeing what you typed I thoght maybe you could give me some answers!

  8. jjvamplover says:

    can you blood me??

  9. tay says:

    I need help. I want to turn into a vampire…. really badly. Can anyone help me out?

  10. Silas says:

    I am a vampire but the sun and the mirror thing isn’t true. As long as I stay in the shade and wear sunblock I’m fine. And I don’t know where the thing about no reflections came up. Oh, I’ve also been to church and none of that affected me. And, I can sleep at night but only for about an hour or so. And I don’t have to drink blood constantly, it makes me a bit nostalgic not to but I’m fine when I eat normal human food.

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