vampires vs werewolves

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  1. Gabriel says:

    @Perri: Well some people don’t experience pain so if you remain optimistic… Also idk, no one here has scoliosis.

  2. Perri says:

    @Gabriel Thanks… but one more question.
    I’ve heard three ways you can become a werewolf, one is by getting bitten (duh), one is being in a werewolf family, and one is casting a spell. Which of these is the most legit? (I know most werewolf spells are fake, but can you really inherit a curse? Also, is it recessive?)

  3. Gabriel says:

    @Perri: Eh. Well don’t add a duh to that bite, it’s been found that only works when the person is previously a werewolf and unaware of it, we’ve found becoming a werewolf is a very mental thing. No spells I’ve found seem to work for actually becoming a werewolf. And genetics… Well you’d think there would be more if that were the case, anyway the whole thing is up in the air for that. It seems to be luck of the draw.

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Perri: I knew a snow leopard with scoliosis. You’ll be fine.
    And none of those, sorry.

  5. Dexter Jackson says:

    @Perri: My sister has that.I feel for you man.

  6. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    perri: yes you would have scoliosis because my werewolf friend has it. it doesmt affect you in any way. the ways to be one are: heritage, yes and no on bite ( depends on if they use a special gland or not ), and last but not least a full blood moon it could be in your blood but not affect you until this scecific moon appers you can read about iton the website somewhere my source on this is my friend and her erewolf family sitting right here beside me

  7. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    @mary- that is offensive im a vampire and i cn read his mind he didnt try to kill her she smelled good and he doesnt want to kill anyone else but you are making him mad

  8. Lycanhope says:

    @Alice: Please don’t talk about things you know nothing about. If you want t learn things, ask. Don’t just spout nonsense.
    Sincerely, every werewolf ever.

  9. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    @lycanhope:im not spouting false info i live with werewolves for gods sake and im a vampire im not lying and they are my kind of adoptive family so you need to shut up

  10. Lycanhope says:

    @Alice: Sorry, didn’t realise you live with werewolves. That absolutely trumps me being one, knowing several, teaching three packs and being second in command of a fourth. What on Earth was I thinking.

  11. Lee Ann says:

    @Alice-Vamp11: That’s enough. Silence. If you are to participate you will be polite and accepting and you will verify your information as well as ask questions before misinforming others. Respect.

  12. Alice-Vamp11 says:

    thank you lycanhope and lee ann i was responding to someone that was none of your buisness!

  13. Lycanhope says:

    Dear god, sarcasm just goes straight over your head.

  14. Lee Ann says:

    Humans are such a vile and arrogant disease.

  15. Ilysa Anderson says:

    @Perri: Hey its great that you want to know more about werewolves, I myself am looking for any kind of legit information on them. If there’s anything you know please email me at [email protected] I would really, really appreciate it. Thank you! 🙂

  16. You can die during the transformation and yes your spine Will be healed and no we can’t show you any videos of our transformation

  17. Gabriel says:

    @lycanna Morgan: Not going into detail on how that’s wrong. But who are you? And do you have a purpose on this site? I know it’s a free internet (sort of) but a sudden three posts on different pages makes me curious about what you’re doing. Also, i’m bored while typing this.

  18. jonatvious richey says:

    @lycanna Morgan:

    that would be gruesome? or something that would be dangerous?

  19. Lycanhope says:

    Oh, the return of Ilysa. Wading back in to the void are we?

  20. jontavious richey says:


    what that meaning? o.o

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @jontavious richey: I was referring to Ilysa Anderson returning, but now I see that that was months ago. That’s what I get for posting at one in the morning apparently.

  22. Heather says:

    Love the site , I did the werewolf spell thing and um it works

  23. thezombie says:

    vampires are the bomb aka cool

  24. Caitlin says:

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