Vampirism is the act, practice, and condition of being a vampire – in other words, the condition of living off the energy of another being.  With vampires, this normally means sucking their blood.  When someone is accused of being a vampire, basically they are being accused of vampirism.

There are three possibilities as to what creates vampirism.  The first is that vampirism comes about sometimes by choice – a human can elect to become a vampire – this does however require and assume that the human can convince a vampire to make them one.  This is a somewhat difficult process as vampires typically do not like being told what to do… they prefer to make their own decisions.  The second route to vampirism comes about as a forced situation – vampires often involuntarily turn people into other vampires.  This is common and happens both on purpose by the vampire and also accidentally by the vampire.

Finally – and most controversially -some people have questioned whether or not vampirism is actually a disease instead of a choice or forced situation.  This is extremely controversial, but the concensus is that vampirism is not a disease.  A disease would imply that it was something that developed from a genetic or developmental error which is not the case.  Vampirism is not inherent in genes, but rather is something that is afflicted upon an individual.

The internal conflicts associated with vampirism can be a burden.  Many people once afflicted with vampirism spend their lives seeking ways to cure their condition.  Most are unsuccessful as their are very few known cures for being a vampire.  Others embrace vampirism as a way of life – whether or not they chose it for themselves.  While still others hate themselves for their affliction, and attempt to turn others to vampirism to heal their sense of loneliness.

How can you tell if someone is a vampire?  Look for Vampire Signs.



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