Very First Werewolf Transformation Scene Ever

It is believed that Ovid, a famous Roman poet that lived over 2,000 years ago, wrote the very first werewolf transformation scene. As legends go, the first transformation is attributed to Zeus who transforms Lycaon into a werewolf. The images of  Lycaon’s transformation are fairly interesting, but even more interesting is how Ovid describes the werewolf transformation process and the resulting werewolf.  Ovid describes the process as being fairly painful, and he describes the resulting werewolf as “savage”.

Of particular interest however, and perhaps one of the most unusual aspects of the transformation – he describes Lycaon’s clothes themselves undergoing the transformation process along with the human.

Here is how the first werewolf transformation is interpreted and written:

There he uttered howling noises, and his attempts to speak were all in vain. His clothes changed into bristling hairs, his arms to legs, and he became a wolf. His own savage nature showed in his rabid jaws, and he now directed against the flocks his innate lust for killing. He had a mania, even yet, for shedding blood. But though he was a wolf, he retained some traces of his original shape. The greyness of his hair was the same, his face showed the same violence, his eyes gleamed as before, and he presented the same picture of ferocity.



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3 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    The legend of the werewolf actually came from Greece if you would trace back the history of werewolves. Lycaon is the first to be.

  2. sheila says:

    Do you think this guy on Youtube resembles a werewolf? His eyes certainly do!

  3. francine arcieri says:

    I was always taught in the books to try to survive an attack be brave look the werewolf in the eyes. you can communicate with them telepahically. Perhaps to bide more time see if they know you when they are in human form. Now here they are saying staring can put you in a trance with very bad outcomes. oh what the heck fall in love with a villian try to redeem them i say. Everyone deserves a new start….

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