Visit Transylvania – in the United States!

If you thought you had to go all the way to Romania to visit Transylvania – you were wrong!! There is actually a Transylvania in the United States! In North Carolina to be specific! The place is called Transylvania County, North Carolina.

How did it get it’s name? Any relation to vampires?
The naming of Transylvania County actually had nothing to do with the country Transylvania! Transylvania North Carolina was established in 1861 and named after its geographic features – “Trans” (which means ‘across’) and “Sylva” (which means ‘woods’)….put together, it became Transylvania!!  As it’s naming implies, this Transylvania is not the “home of Dracula”. Instead of vampires, Transylvania County is known for it’s waterfalls – there are over 250 of them throughout the county, and in fact, the county is nicknamed “Land of Waterfalls.


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