Does the war between the werewolf and the vampire really exist? If so, how do you know it reallyVampire Werewolf War? exists? Here are some things about this supposed war that makes me think that the war between the two legendary beings does not really exist.

1. I have never seen the war actually in action! Have you? I have heard about the war from countless sources including movies and books but have never actually seen the war. If there really is a war who was the one that started the feud? And why did they start it?

2. I know many werewolves, and believe it or not I know many vampires too and we never fight! If I know vampires and werewolves why did we not fight each other? You would think that if the battle really existed that we would be fighting! Right?

And so that you don’t take my word for it think about this… on ilovewerewolves we have many different beings, including vampires! We all know that most of the vampires on the site get along pretty well with the werewolves, and even the ones that do not get along never get involved in a war with each other.. we simply disagree and at most get in an argument.

We are all the same. Vampires and werewolves are very similar in that… we are very different from other creatures of the planet. If anything we should be getting along very well, and as I stated before I think most of us do get along. We pass ideas, stories, and struggles by each other in hopes that we an understand each others situation. Most of us offer advice to one another and would never think about getting involved in the (a) war… For the most part it seems to me that vampires and werewolves just want to understand each other and most want to be able to live among each other in peace…

If there really is a war who started it and why?

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