Watch a Wolf Pack Live on the Streaming Wolf Cam!

If you’re sitting at home or at work or at school and wish you could see a pack of wolves right…now!… well, you can!

Here is a live stream of real wolves from the Wolf Cam Exhibit Pack at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. The camera streams live the enclosure of a pack of 56wolves, including 2 wolf pups: Grayson & Axel, as well as 4 adult wolves: Aidan, Boltz, Luna, and Denali. Information about the individual wolves is below the live streaming video!

The streaming quality is really good and the wolves can often be seen on camera! Enjoy!

About the Wolves in the stream:

Aidan & Denali: Aidan and Denali are northwestern gray wolves born in 2008, making them just over 8 years old (gray wolves can live up to 15 years in captivity).

Luna & Boltz:  Luna and Boltz are Great Plains wolves born in 2012.  Luna, the younger of the two is a beautiful black color, and is the only female of the group.  Boltz, the other Great Plains wolf is 8 days older than Luna!

Grayson & Axel:  Grayson and Axel are the arctic wolf pups of the pack!  Born in May of 2016, the pups are young and curious and add a great dynamic to htepack.



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