WATCH LIVE! Rare Supermoon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Tonight’s lunar event is so rare it hasn’t happened in 33 years, so if you haven’t gone to bed yet, go outside and see if you can catch a glimpse of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse! The event takes place tonight (Sunday night) and continues into the wee hours of Monday morning…many observatories and universities are streaming it live! So if you don’t have a view of the sky, don’t worrY!

Watch it live online RIGHT NOW (live streams below)!

During tonight’s lunar event, look for the following:
1. there will be a full moon – or more specifically a SUPERMOON (which is brighter and fuller than other full moons).
2. there will be a total lunar eclipse – the full moon will be covered by the Earth’s shadow.
3. the moon will be a blood moon – it will appear reddish to the eye

Also, just in case you weren’t aware – this if the final of four blood moons!


Here’s NASA’s stream with commentary…

Here’s live video of the supermoon from Time…



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