Watch the SUPERMOON LIVE right NOW!

Tonight is the first of 3 back-to-back Supermoons, so if you have a chance, go outside and take a look!
If you’re stuck inside however, never, fear, you can watch the supermoon LIVE right NOW!

Tonight’s “Supermoon” is the final full moon in the summer, and is called the “Sturgeon Moon”.  The next 2 Supermoons that are coming up will be on September 27 and October 27. A Supermoon is when the full moon is reached at the same time the moon is at its closest point to Earth – they often (though not always) appear larger than any other moon during the year.

So, do you want to watch the Supermoon live?
Check out the video below streaming from the Slooh Observatory in the Canary Islands, Spain.  Live commentary will tell you a little bit more about this astronomical event! 🙂


UPDATE: Sorry everybody! The Live Show is now over – ended at 9:10pm Central Standard Time (August 29, 2015). But it’s not too late to see the moon!! Go outside for at least a minute to catch a glimpse! 🙂



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