Weird but true Trivia about the moon!

moon trivia1. You think the moon is small…but did you know the moon is actually bigger than Pluto?

2. Temperatures on the moon are extreme! They range from 243 degrees Fahrenheit on the equator in the day to -261 degrees Fahrenheit at night!

3. There are a bunch of golf balls on the moon that astronauts left on their visit!

4. The biggest crater on the moon is 144 miles wide!

5. Moonlight takes 1.5 seconds to reach Earth!

6. The last time man stepped on the moon was in 1972!

7. Only 12 people have ever walked on the moon.

8. The moon has quakes – because they’re on the moon though, they’re not called earthquakes they’re called moonquakes!

9. If you drove to the moon, it would take about 5 months nonstop at 100 kilometers per hour (it took 3 days for astronauts to get there by rocket)!

10. The remains of one person are on the moon – Dr. Eugene Shoemaker! Dr. Shoemaker was a former astronaut whose ashes were spread across the moon by a NASA probe in 1999.

Find more moon fun facts and trivia here!



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