were angels the ancestors of werewolves?

At first it sounds impossible!  What connection could werewolves and angels possibly have?! But there is a connection, and it goes back centuries to an Italian Saint from the thirteenth century, St. Thomas Aquinas. What St Thomas believed and is known to have said, is something that many Catholics may remember being taught when they were in Sunday school (yes, it is still referenced even today…!) His belief was as follows:

“Omnes angeli, boni et Mali, ex virtute naturali habent potestatem transmutandi corpora nostra”

which translates from Latin to English as:

“All angels good and bad have the power of transmutating our bodies”

Transmutating means changing from one form to another. In other words, the Saint was saying that he believed that angels had the power to transform (or shift) their bodies! He also said however, that both good and evil have the power to do this. So if a Saint is on record as saying this, there is little wonder why even centuries ago, some werewolves were dubbed Devil’s agents or pawns of evil. People solely and blindly take away from this quote that evil has the power to transform into other creatures. But what people overlook is that he also says that good has the power to transform as well!

So what does all this mean?
Interpretations abound, and as previously noted, some have taken this to erroneously justify their belief that werewolves are evil, unnatural creatures, and use it to attack werewolves. Others on the other hand have interpreted this quote to mean that angels were once the ancestors of modern-day werewolves. A possible, though unlikely explanation. And still others have interpreted it to mean that not all, but perhaps some werewolves are actually angels in disguise – perhaps the most likely explanation of all?



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2 Responses

  1. hopeful human says:

    im catholic and i have never heard this

  2. lucy says:

    that does make sense i dont know how you would test that but yes that could be

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