A shape-shifting bear!? Yes, there is such a thing – it’s called a were bearwerebear! In fact, in myths and legends, the werebear is depicted as being more ferocious if attacked than a werewolf! Luckily, many legends say that the werebear typically keeps to himself.

Similar to a werewolf, the werebear is a human that has shapeshifting abilities – but instead of transforming into a wolf (aka the werewolf) someone that is a werebear will transform from human into a bear! This transformation typically happens during the period of the full moon, when muscles thicken and hair grows all over the body of the afflicted individual.

Although there are many legends of the werebear, one of the earliest references to the creature can be found in Greek mythology in the story of  Callisto.  Greek mythology says that the god Zeus had a child with Callisto named Arcas.  The goddess Hera became jealous of Callisto, and in her jealousy transformed Callisto into a bear!



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  1. Lycanhope says:

    Of course there are werebears, and were-pretty-much-everything-else’s too, what would make wolves so special that only they are included?

  2. Werewolves are not the only shifter here’s a list

    Werewolf-a human with symptomsymptoms who becomes a wolf creature with superhuman power wolf senses and an aversion to silver on a full moon.

    Bugbear-a goblin with the ability to become a dog/bear mix mistaken for a werebear

    Kitsune-a fox spirit which can shapeshift and other stuff.

    Shapeshifter-a human being who can be any animal they wish at will.

    Doppelganger-a demon who can become a clone of ANY human he/she knows or knew.

    Also some magic allows you to shapeshift using rituals.

  3. Curtisflut says:


  4. Marney says:

    I have known now I am a Werebear for a few months. No longer questioning what I am. One thing I have not found, is possible Origins. Most people know how the Werewolf possibly came to be but next to nothing on Werebears unless your a Skyrim fan… So any theories?

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