Werepire / Werepyre

A werepire is a cross between a werewolf and a vampire. Alternate spelling includes werepyre. You might also hear a werewolf-vampire hybrid referred to as a werevamp. Either reference – werepire or werevamp – is acceptable.

(Also see: Half Werewolf)

The senses of werepires are different from those of pure vampires or pure werewolves – one of the most notable differences is that these crossbreeds have a stronger sense of smell than either the werewolf or vampire. This is probably because both werewolves and vampires have a very keen sense of smell – a crossbreed therefore is predisposed to have an even stronger sense of smell.



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239 Responses

  1. Hachina says:

    nvm. Guess I thought you were someone else. Srry.

  2. Narcruo says:

    Hey hachina. I might never be on again. cause I got a problem with ppl harassing me cause I am a fox on a wolf site so….yeah, I might go.

  3. Narcruo says:

    yep not coming back after tonight.

  4. sakura says:

    its all cool

  5. Hachina says:

    BTW Narcruo..
    Can you add me as a member on ur xat?

  6. Narcruo says:

    well I got a psycho wolf trying to track me down and kill me cause he thinks he is a cannibal and likes werefoxes (like he’ll eva get me.)

  7. Narcruo says:

    I am on but your not there

  8. anyways back to the thread, I dont think they are enemies. most ppl say that but no they are not.

  9. werepyre says:

    do you believe in werepyres cus im one

  10. i dont think werepyres could actually physically exist

  11. Gold says:

    They can exist I know someone who is one

  12. william says:

    I need a vampire to help me! Can someone help?

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