Werewolf Action Figure Reviews

1. Doctor Who Werewolf
Yes, the TV Series Doctor Who released an action figure of a werewolf back in 2005. The Doctor’s version of the werewolf action figure is an 8″ werewolf in complete werewolf form covered in fur (no clothing). It is a poseable action figure with articulated head, knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, waist, hip, and ankles, allowing the figure to even assume a crouched wolf position!

2. Wolfman Action Figure
This action figure from The Wolfman Movie featuring Benicio Del Toro is a 12″ figure which 13 articulated joints. This werewolf still retains some of his human elements and comes decked out in clothing – shirt, vest, and pants.

3. Wetworks Werewolf Action Figure
The comic book series Wetworks has a few Ultra Action Figures by McFarlane Toys. The werewolf action figure collectible was released in 1995 and is a buff, muscle-filled animal that is much more monster-like than the previous figures. It is made to either stand up on both feet or drop to all fours in a wolf-like crouching position.

4. Dog Soldiers Werewolf
Based on the werewolf movie Dog Soldiers, this werewolf figure is an upright figure with limited articulation that is meant to stand on an included backdrop. As a bonus, it also includes a second head – just pop of the first head that comes with a mouth open to howl, and you can put on the second head which features a closed mouth!

5. Underworld Raze Werewolf
Released in 2003 by Mezco toys, this is one of a few action figures in the Underworld series. The werewolf is well articulated in the limbs (shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, hip, knee, ankle) and has limited head mobility. This figure is an evil-looking werewolf which comes with a pillar, crate, and barrel backdrop.

6. Marvel Legends Werewolf By Night
The marvel legend action figure comes in a box set of 4 Marvel Comics Monsters. This figure is a representation of the wolf-man and shows him with a bare chest and torn pants. He is articulated in the limbs with limited head mobility. Of the different action figures reviewed, this one seems to be the most simplest and most basic figure with few bells and whistles.



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