werewolf action figure

This is an edition of the werewolf action figure released for the movie The Wolfman. Although the toy does not bend at the knees his legs do move, along with the arms, wrists, and head. His accessories includes a cane that might be useful to stabilize him, if you have patience you can make him stand up without the cane.

werewolf toy

werewolf toy

Although I was very reluctant to take the werewolf toy out of the packaging I decided that I had to get a closer look, to determine the details of the stereotype of the werewolf toy. His jacket or vest is flexible, his shirt and sleeves, mouth, and chest covered in blood.

The nails are long on both his hand and the feet of the wolf. The details are quite elegant and overall this werewolf action figure toy is made fairly nice.

Most horror fans and or werewolf fans can find a few versions of the wolf toy to add to your collection.


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  1. Guadaloupe says:

    Check out the Doctor Who Tooth and Claw werewolf action figure if you’re interested in that kind of thing. It’s much better in my point of view.

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