Werewolf and Vampire Movies coming in 2015

Werewolf and vampire movies are always popular in the horror genre, and 2015 is no exception..although this year vampire movies will be much more popular than werewolf movies! Here is a look at the upcoming werewolf and vampire movies to you have to look forwards to this year:

Howl – This werewolf movie does not yet have a release date but should be released in 2015.
Summary: Howl is about werewolves on trains! The movie is about a train’s ticket collector that is on a midnight train out of London. The train stops in the middle of a forest where it is attacked by a werewolf! A battle ensues..

Underworld Next Generation – This movie will begin filming in 2015, however the release date is scheduled for 2016.
Summary: The next movie in the Underworld series, this movie is about Lycans and Vampires. Kate Beckinsale has starred in these movies, and much to the disappointment of fans, rumor is that she will not be back in Next Generation.

Atlanta Vampire Movie – This movie is set to release October 31, 2015.
Summary: This horror movie is a vampire comedy about three vampires who at first think they have a strange medical condition. After some comedic misadventures, they learn the truth about what condition they really do have!

The Eternal – Release date set for sometime in 2015.
Summary: This vampire movies is about Samuel Gradius, a 500 year old vampire who is ready to die, but he wants to die in battle.

Kitchen Sink – Release date set for September 4, 2015.
Summary: This is a horror comedy about vampires, humans, and zombies that used to get along but now are in an all-out battle!



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