Werewolf Animotion Mask Review!

It can be hard to make a good-looking werewolf mask – to get the right mix between werewolf animotion maskscary and serious can be difficult, so how does the werewolf ani-motion mask stack up against other werewolf masks?

Here’s what we liked about the werewolf animotion mask:

  • The look.  From a distance, the animotion mask looks pretty good.  You can definitely tell it’s a werewolf.  And a mean-looking one at that! The deep wrinkles and the long vicious-looking teeth can easily be seen from a distance, and add a sense of realism that some plastic werewolf masks are sometimes missing.
  • The fit.  The mask is fairly lightweight, yet feels sturdy and comfortable when on.  It’s also surprisingly not overly hot when it’s on.  In addition, foam pads included with the mask help customize it to your face.  When the velcro is tightened around the back of your head, the fit is secure and the mask stays on pretty easily no matter which way you turn your head.  Also the mask covers the ENTIRE head, not just the front!
  • The animotion.  The “animotion” part of the werewolf mask is definitely the coolest part of the mask.  Basically, what this means is that the mask is designed so that the mouth of the mask opens with your own mouth.  Imagine: You’re out at night, and you growl or howl.  You open your mouth, and the mask’s mouth opens at the same time!   In other words, this werewolf mask is not your standard stiff non-moving mask mouth, but rather actually opens when you want.  And not only does the mouth open when you open your mouth, but the lips also draw back exposing the werewolf’s gums, making the werewolf look even meaner. Pretty cool. And it does work.  Just maybe not as fantastically as you might think just based on the mask’s advertisements.  (See cons below).
  • Hologram werewolf sticker in the box. 🙂


  • The werewolf animotion mask looks great from a distance, but a close-up inspection reveals flaws. For example, the edgework where the fur and plastic part of the mask meat are not the best, and not much was done to hide the sewn edging around the face.  We also found some stray stitching in odd places around the fur.
  • The back of the mask does not have a closure.  This means that although the mask does cover the entire head, and there is plenty of material for it to close, the fur in the back sometimes does flap open.  On the plus side, this can be fixed fairly easily be adding  a tiny piece of velcro to the back to help secure it.
  • The eyesockets are pretty big.  This is advertised as being a “pro” because it allows for a pretty good field of vision – which is true.  Unfortunately however, you can see the human inside the mask pretty easily because of the big eye sockets.  Fortunately however, there is a fairly easy fix which is to either where a ski mask underneath the mask, or where black eye paint around your eyes to help conceal the human skin under the werewolf mask.
  • The animotion technology is not perfect.  The idea and concept behind the animotion is pretty cool – a werewolf mask mouth that opens with your own.  And there is an advertisement video which demonstrates just how cool it is.  And to a certain degree, it does work.  It does not however work as much as advertised in the video.  The mouth itself only opens about an inch or so. If you try to open it any wider (for example, as wide as the video advertisement makes it seem it should open), the mask rips in the corners of the mouth.  When we tried to figure out how the advertisers opened the mouth so wide in the advertisement, a close inspection of the video revealed that the advertisers actually cut the corners of the mouth to allow it to open up wide!! A little disappointing.  We also found that the upper lip (which is meant to retract when the mouth is opened) came unglued within the first few minutes of our opening the mask….easily fixed with a dab of glue.  Finally, the last imperfection in the animotion part of the mask is that people have reported pinching of the cheeks caused by the hinges inside the mouth’s jaw (although we did not feel anything).

Overall, is this werewolf mask worth it?

Yes!  The coolest part of this werewolf mask is the animotion…and while this is also the part with the most flaws, overall, the coolness factor outweigh the negatives.  The technology is not perfect, but when you know about the problems you can fix them (or work with them).  And at this price level, you’re not going to find many other werewolf masks that let you move your mouth when you howl. 🙂

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