Werewolf Antelope

Is this a new type of animal? Or just one that’s a little bit different? In the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, a photographer snapped a picture of an animal that is confusing scientists everywhere.  It appears to be an antelope (specifically a Thompson’s gazelle), but  appears to be covered in fur – especially the face which looks like it’s fully bearded.  Because of this, some have therefore dubbed it the “werewolf antelope“. The “werewolf antelope” appears to be a unique individual, there was not a heard of similar antelopes, and soon after the photographer snapped the photo, it disappeared into the bush.

The werewolf antelope:

werewolf antelope



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22 Responses

  1. Dynomutt says:

    Cute :3 But I don’t think it’s a unique species. It looks like it may just be a geneticly altered idividual.

  2. Is it just me or does the picture look modified? :/ Maybe it’s just me…

  3. Aconissa says:

    I think its just hairy. Its cute too…

  4. Hachina says:

    Gillette: The best an antelope can get..? :S

  5. Anubis says:

    @DatapawWolf: its not just you, head has been photoshopped or some sort, if you look down at the shoulders you can see where the animation part comes in, and yes i do know for you trolls that photoshop doesn’t mean its ‘animated’

  6. lightening says:

    Well..it is not a genetically altered individual as Dynomutt put it. I would say Anubis’s analysis is closer to home, and the only thing genetically altered here is the photo.

    If indeed it is a furry antelope, that’s all it is, a furry antelope, not a weretope, or werewolftelope. I mean just because something is furry doesn’t mean it is the wolfman.

    Should I be completely honest with you? At the risk of hurting a few people? That thing just looks like they photoshoped a head of a baby billy goat, and put it on the body of a baby deer. If you guys don’t know what a kid looks like i.e. a baby goat, please feel free to look a picture up on line. And please please please people this is not an attack on werewolves or me saying I don’t believe you people’s claims, but since you all want the truth of things, and you all seem to be wondering what this thing is, I just felt I should tell you. Sorry. (apologetic look on face)

  7. Kevkas says:

    @lightening: sorry to burst ur bubble but actually, it did make a newspaper of sorts. u have a computer, use it. photoshopped? perhaps but y would they waste time making a report on such if it were photoshopped? At any rate, the gazelle was discovered by Paolo Torchio. a scientist has already suggested that the animal was simply suffering from hypertrichosis, a condition commonly known as “werewolf syndrome.”

  8. Anubis says:

    now kevkas, take a look at the bottom of the neck, then the body, now closely look at the difference in how natural the body is and how much smoother the head is, and then look back at the bottom of the neck, you can see where the head was replaced with a more animated looking one

  9. Anubis says:

    oh and i ask why a company needs to copyright the picture of an animal, expecially when the picture has no claim of it being the first publicated picture of this animal?

  10. Lunar says:

    Bleh… I thought it looked more like a Yorkie Terrier when I first glanced at it >.< lmao!

  11. Hachina says:

    @Anubis: Ah I see it now. Yeah. The picture cuts off at the base of the neck right by the chest. >< wow I didn't even notice that lawl xP

  12. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: lol Yorkshire terriers are so cute!

  13. lightening says:

    @Anubis: Anubis please please please be careful. You agreeing with me that it is indeed photo shopped could be detrimental to both of us. Yes it is obvious that it IS photo shoped and it is even more obvious to the disearning eye that it is the head of a billy goat on the body of a deer, but agreeing with me on this would endanger you, for people would begin to think that you and myself are the same people using different usernames. For the record, and to all those who have doubts, Anubis and myself are not the same people, we just have the ability to think. We may have similar minds in terms of keeness but we are not the same person.

    @kevkas…..hypertrichosis? werewolf syndrome? lol A deer has a werewolf syndrome? lol My deer fellow the definition of hypertrichosis is;

    an excessive growth of hair on the body, possibly as a result of endocrine dysfunction, as in the hirsutism accompanying excessive adrenocortical function.

    This hypertrichosis happens all the time even in women when they have mustaches or execissevily hairy legs, that is why they shave.

    An example of some one execively hairy was Sean Connery. My dear fellow this does not make him a werewolf. The term werewolf syndrome is synonomous to a joke. It is like saying a person with muscular arms has POPEYE SYNDROME. They don’t really mean he is popeye.

    Please I hope you are not offended by this. But I must speak the truth.

  14. Kevkas says:

    @Anubis: i didnt say it couldn’t b photoshopped. i even said possibly.

  15. Kevkas says:

    @lightening: i simply said what the newspaper said. lk it up. nothing more. if it’s photoshopped its photoshoped. I even said it was “possibly”. media could do that and I suppose would if it was a dull news day. Also, the picture was not in the newspaper i read, just the story. if the scientist says it, then either hes mistaken or it’s something retardedly printed by the papers there. either way its still there.

  16. Lunar says:

    I think they look weird

  17. Hachina says:

    @lightening: Why must you worry about that in the first place..? 😐

  18. Hachina says:

    Although on second thought, I think the “cutoff” is just a natural fur pattern. Nothing more.

  19. lee ann says:

    troolllllllssssssssssss ive got killer hiccups :'(

  20. Anubis says:

    Now im not here to sound like a troll or anything, but the fur pattern at the ‘cutoff’ doesn’t match the pattern of the body to the neck, atleast not without a portion of both the body and the neck not being visible, but i could be wrong, im not exactly an animal expert

  21. lightening says:

    @Kevkas: oh okay

  22. Lunar says:

    I’m not a photoshop expert so I wouldn’t really know. Never paid much attention to the program

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