werewolf band video and tee

The band, Bullet For My Valentine, has what appears to be a werewolf t-shirt in their official shop.

werewolf shirtIf this is the werewolf shirt you have always been looking for you can find it by visiting their official shop.

Watch their werewolf transformation video too, it’s the video for their song titled – Waking The Demon, towards the end of the video the boy makes his transformation into a werewolf.



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4 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    this shirt ROX!!!!!!!!

  2. pklett92 says:

    I kinda want to have it. maybe someone will buy it for me. My birthday is tomorrow.

  3. applebottom says:

    happy b-day pklett92, i hope you have a good one.:)

  4. applebottom says:

    anyone on? hello

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