Something new and interesting is emerging for werewolf fans.

The book titled Shiver, written by Maggie Stiefvater will soon be transformed into a movie.

The book is a love story about a girl that loves a boy who is a werewolf. The book has just been acquired by a movie studio and will begin to makes it’s transformation onto the silver screen.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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87 Responses

  1. Silrath says:

    From star wars. MUAHAHAH

  2. Suki Foxx says:

    wow ya realy hit ur head dint ya

  3. Suki Foxx says:

    jeff shes in enough mental strain hold up on the randomness

  4. Alice says:

    What? I’m fine. Ive been a vampire for almost sixty years!

  5. Alice says:

    Jared says you get over the guilt he knows how to answer everything. together forever. always

  6. Reaper says:

    that’s nothing, my half brother is 110!!!!

  7. Reaper says:

    srry late post

    don’t mean to intrude.

  8. Suki Foxx says:

    im older than that ya dimwit

  9. Alice says:

    who are you reaper? such a horrid name. like that of the devil

  10. Reaper says:

    well……Alice seemed surprised, excited , something of the sort, so i figured i’d say that.( stupid i no.)

  11. Alice says:

    Who’s Jeff? The only person here with a normal name?

  12. Reaper says:

    well thats what some of my friends call me( idk )so i used it.

  13. Alice says:

    Friends town foolery I swear to it.

    thou shall be beat with thy fathers birch rod if such foolery should ever continue in thou’s home

  14. Reaper says:

    srry lost my touch for the classical language?

  15. Alice says:

    wait what year is it?

  16. Suki Foxx says:

    um ok your realy messed up

  17. Alice says:

    Wait what year is it Suki?

  18. Reaper says:

    what………is it my turn or something

  19. Reaper says:

    yes…………………………….by the way suki, do you no what happened to that zach guy?

  20. Silrath says:

    my name is jeff….. o_o

  21. Reaper says:

    you still on…………………………….anybody?*sigh**YAWN*

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