Werewolf Boy of Moscow – boy raised by wolves in the wild

Around 2007 a boy was found in the cold forests of Russia who was believed to have been raised in the wild by wolves! Because of his odd upbringing and undeniable relationship with wolves, he was nicknamed the “werewolf boy”.

The werewolf boy’s real name and history is unknown, as shortly after being “captured” and treated by authorities, he managed to escape from the Moscow clinic in which he was being held.   The part of his story that is known however is remarkable.

The boy, who workers believe was over the age of 10, was found in central Russia “living with a pack of wolves”.  Doctors indicated he moved like a wild animal, had toenails like claws, had sharp teeth (presumably to tear meat), and had some distinctive wolf-like behaviors.

The boy was apparently incredibly uncomfortable at being in the presence of humans, for after being “treated” he managed to escape.  It is unknown where he went, however officials believe the werewolf boy returned to live with his wolf pack.  The full article on the werewolf boy, along with pictures of his claw-like toenails can be found on the Daily Mail website, here.

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) case of a human child being raised by and/or living with animals.  There have been multiple other cases reported, a child who is raised in this manner is called a “feral child” or a “wild child”.  These children are however quite controversial as many people find it hard to believe a child could be raised by animals alone.  Some cases however are incontrovertibly true.



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