Werewolf Capacity for Love

A werewolf’s heart has the capacity to love.  Werewolves are known to have fallen in love with humans, other werewolves, and even vampires. The problem is that because werewolves have such a difficult time with trust, it can often appear that they do not love anyone.  They often appear fearsome and as though they have no softness to them, but this is not true.  Many werewolves go their whole lifetimes searching for love.  Their hearts, like most creatures, do seek love and to be loved.

If you are another werewolf, you already know about the werewolf’s ability to love.  If you are a human trying to win the love of a werewolf on the other hand, you must understand that werewolves work all their lives to hide their true selves from humans. They will be hard-pressed to trust you at first, and winning their love and their heart will be even more difficult. But if you are truly in love with a werewolf, you will have to learn patience. You will have to be honest with them about your feelings, and then let them decide how they feel about you.

If you are a vampire in love with a werewolf, you may doubt the possibility that a werewolf could ever love you.  It is true that opposites attract – but vampires and werewolves are considered opposites to an extreme.  Even though there are differences, yes, a werewolf can love a vampire.  Vampires must trust the feelings that they have, and then work to gain the trust of the werewolf.  Werewolves have a good ability to sense deception, and if you are honest with your feelings, the werewolf will sense that.  If the werewolf feels the same way back, then the ability for the two of you to be in love is very possible.



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33 Responses

  1. Kaelden says:

    This is very true. while many of you know that many of us seek out love, it may just be my experience, but i believe that for some reason or another, we are MORE likely to get “our hearts broken”. I would never try to tell another werewolf what or who to love or trust, but remember this; It is human nature, to lie, steal, cheat, help one’s self first and everyone else last, and to run at the first sign of trouble. Guard your heart and be careful who you trust everybody.

  2. Lee ann says:


  3. DWolf says:

    I agree with what buddy has written.

    Yes a werewolf is able to love, and has the capacity to do so. Like every other being upon this world, wolves have the ability to love. Reither it’s friendship, or partnership, there is always room to care deeply for someone.

    However, despite saying that. Though we may care deeply for someone, and this is saying for everyone. Though we may care deeply for someone it is a lot harder to trust someone then it is to love them.

    Also if one is not accepting of who you are, and what you are. Then there is no need to be with that person. No matter how much you may come to care for them, if they do not accept you for who you are then the can never love you in return.

  4. pklett92 says:

    ha ha ha I share lee ann’s view kinda. Being a wolf does not always mean being an introvert. in most closely knit communities of wolves you will find that male wolves choose females who they become very protective of. This can almost create a harem affect to where a single male wolf will have several females that he cares about allot and will do pretty much anything to protect. Sometimes Alpha wolf Rayne and i will have a short lasted argument about what female to not mention around each other. These arguments are usually spawned do to the fact that the males protectiveness is not properly expressed and the females still always have the free will to do whatever they want. What im saying doesnt really mean that the female belongs to you, but that you care for them allot kinda like extremely close friends except a little more than that.

    thats the best way i can explain it…

    Hail Alocer praise Andras

  5. pklett92 says:

    this protective behavior is also expressed in human subjects as well. We have a soft spot for feminine comfort, and lovin 😉

  6. pklett92 says:

    idk about female wolves there definition of love is way different than males.

  7. pklett92 says:

    intercourse…well after the female has realized the amount of effort the male has put into making her comfortable, it is normal for her to return the favor by offering her body, and this the way it always happens. Bellies up XD

    a good wolf is always patient, and waits.

    as fare as vampire love goes well thats something i dont know about. Ask Alice or another of the Vampires on this site.

  8. Alice says:

    Depends on the vampire really some like one person and have such a passionate love together only they shall share. Others who are into the trade as most call it live their lives by lies, blood, and sex. Honestly though, who really wants to head about vampires that would f*** someone just for the blood?

  9. pklett92 says:

    thanks Alice

  10. Alice says:

    is that sarcasm? .-.

  11. pklett92 says:

    nah im trying to be polite, but maybe it came off wrong idk.

  12. Alice says:


  13. Werewolf says:

    yes we seek our entire lives looking for love while you hostile humans hunt us down or even kill us at first sight, maybe if a werewolf did walk bye he might be wandering through.

  14. leslie says:

    hi my name is leslie jean jackson my email is *edited and i have a question. are werewolfs true?????write me back at my email thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    Yeah i think i’m getting my firsst tasste of being hunted, and i dont like it. Well, obviously no one would like it but the hunter.

  16. Jemjem says:

    I hate it when werewolves hate on humans.

  17. Hello werewolves do you know who I am??

  18. I’m a vampire DUHDUHDUH!!!!!!!!

  19. The Wolfcub Kid says:

    ? I’m getting hunted by some russians. Wonk wonk wooooonk. I’m sorry but you vamps might wana get this silly girl claiming to be one of you before she gets hurt. Badly.

  20. who asked you i’m a real F’n vampire to And if you don’t believe me ask my friends or you can find out my way and you don’t want that!!!!!!

  21. Somnium says:

    I think he means cuz you changed your name and then commented on yourself…

  22. oh ok yayaya wateva I just didn’t want any one to know my real name ok!!!!!

  23. Somnium says:

    and what would that be?

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