Werewolf clothing: Do werewolves run around naked?

When a werewolf physically transforms, what happens to the werewolf’s clothes? This is a question which most humans wonder – many authors and movies have tried to address the answer to this question.  The answers that the media tends to give fall into one of three categories.


New Moon Wolf Pack

New Moon Wolf Pack

Carrying clothing:  One theory is that the werewolves carry their clothes with them. This theory was most famously espoused by Stephanie Meyer in her Twilight saga books. In the books, the werewolves tend to walk around only wearing shorts. The main reason for this is because she says that the werewolves must carry a change of clothes with them when they transform into their wolf form so that when they transform back into human form they are not standing around naked. A pair of shorts is easier to carry instead of a whole outfit – so whaala!  Werewolves tend to walk around bare-chested (according to Meyer).  But how would a werewolf carry a change of clothes with them? (..especially and specifically the Twilight werewolves as they are the type of werewolf which transforms completely into wolves and have no hands, so how is that possible?!)  The answer that Meyer came up with is that the werewolves carry around a little bag which is attached to one of their legs with a rope.  When they run around, the little bag just goes with them because it is tied to them.  Then, when they transform back into their human form, they open the bag and pull out their change of clothing – which is usually just a pair of shorts and no shirt.

The Wolfman remake

The Wolfman

Clothing stays on the werewolf:  Another theory, that is much simpler, is that when a werewolf physically transforms, the clothing might tear a little where larger muscles appear, but for the most part, the clothing will stay intact.  So, when a werewolf becomes a werewolf, he/she remains fully clothed. One example of this in current-day cinema is in the movie the Wolfman.  If you notice, the wolfman has a shirt and pants…they have just torn at the chest and arms and thighs where muscles have started to bulge and shift during the physical transformation. When the wolfman werewolf transforms back into human form, he is not naked, but rather has torn, tattered clothing hanging on his body. This idea of clothing staying on the werewolf is the oldest of the ideas that the media has as it is the most conservative, depicting a werewolf that is not running around shirtless or naked, but rather fully clothed.

Being Human

Being Human

Werewolves become naked:  The last theory in regard to what happens to werewolf clothing is that the clothing does in fact get fully destroyed during a physical transformation – as the muscles bulge, shift, and change, the clothing tears away and becomes unusable.  When the werewolf is running around in the transformed state, this does not pose much of a problem.  When the werewolf transforms back into his/her human state however, the problem becomes that the human is now completely naked with no clothing at all. Which means that the werewolf will attempt to time his / her transformation so that it occurs at some point where he/she is in a secluded area. If the werewolf is not in a secluded area when the transformation occurs, then the werewolf must quickly recover his sense and hide until he is able to find any type of clothing that he can throw on.  One of the most common shows that you’ll see this on is Being Human.

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44 Responses

  1. Dynomutt says:

    @Samson: I’m pretty positive that the fact that I exsist means that werewolves exsist. And when I transform, I’m either naked or wearing a sports bra and gym shorts, because they stretch and are comfy.

    • Jack le werewolf says:

      Well there are special clothes for werewolves with a hole for the tail and is you a cub *like me* you’re body only go fuzzy and get a tail with a small snout. *scratches ear with foot* oh and no shoes for all werewolves^0^^0^^0^^0^^0^^0^^0^

  2. lee ann says:

    @knowledge seeker: lol @ everyone else :fail

  3. Hachina says:

    @lee ann: Fail @ failing lawl

  4. Aconissa says:

    hahaha to failure!

  5. tom says:

    It’s the movie industry’s requirement that the Humans can’t be naked for mass sales of their stories. To placate all those “think of the children!” types who can never be happy about anything.

    A novel has no such requirement so they don’t even consider it, the werewolf is naked and so is the Human when he transforms back.

  6. Aconissa says:

    Except for movies like an american werewolf in london. He’s naked after shifting

  7. Jo says:

    i only liked twilight before because it reminds me of someone else…. i wonder who they were though. hehe….

  8. vexxuswolf says:

    waiiiiit hold up ok so do they or do they not wind up nude afterwards… thatd be kinda akward!

  9. lonewolf123 says:

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  10. lonewolf123 says:

    ,—–, ,——, ./ \/ \ / LW123 \ \ ++ / \ MP / \ FOREVER / \ / \ / \ __/

  11. lonewolf123 says:

    Crud. didnt work grrrr……..

  12. well i was in the woods i live in Forks,Washington were twilight was made im NOT joking and i there are wolfs in the woods sometimes .i like to go to La Push on the weekend .its great to live there.

  13. Our clothes stay on but may tend to tear. We tend not to care if we are naked or not. We usually strip though just in case.

  14. Loki says:

    when I transformed, my clothes were re-placed by fur until I changed again. Is this normal, or am I even for a ww a exeption?

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