werewolf costume ideas

If you’re trying to get your halloween werewolf costume together, here are some ideas:

1. Werewolf Hair – if you’re wanting to dress up as the sterotypical “hollywood” werewolf, then this will include alot of hair! You can buy “theatrical” hair from many costume shops to stick on your face, tops of hands, or other key parts of your body.

2. Eyes – To give your costume a unique look, you can add some special contacts to your outfit to change your eyes…this is what actors in movies such as Twilight and TV shows such as Vampire Diaries do! If you decide you do want contacts, you’ll probably want to order them now, well ahead of halloween, as most of the reputable companies will require your eye doctor’s info – and you only want to get these from a reputable company!

3.  Fangs – Every good werewolf costume has a nice pair of fangs!  You don’t have to find werewolf-specific fangs, just go to a halloween costume shop and check out the fang selection – typically they’ll be advertised as vampire fangs, but they’ll work for your werewolf costume too!  They even have fangs that descend via the use of your tongue. 🙂

4. Full Mask – If you want something that covers a bit more of your face, masks are also a nice way to go – they’ve come along way from even a few years ago! There are even masks where you can open your mouth – check out this animotion mask

5.  Face Makeup – if you don’t care for a mask covering your face, you might want to try a more natural look with makeup. There are special werewolf makeup kits out there, however if you don’t want to buy a kit, just stick to the different shades of brown, black and white, and you’ll be on the right track.

These are just some ideas to get you started…you certainly don’t need to buy any of these things from a store to make a great werewolf costume – there are plenty of homemade costumes that are really great out there (have you seen the wolf tail that moves by itself?), with a little creativity you can have a really great costume!



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