Werewolf Costume

Well, it seems there are werewolf costumes for all sizes and shapes for halloween. I have actually found werewolf costumes for toddlers!

Update: Costumes have been discontinued!
Check out the werewolf costume to the left – I like the way he is dressed in flannel!! Again!! All werewolves do not dress in flannel! Please do not do this with your werewolf costume! If however you have insisted on your own werewolf costume being in flannel, this little costume will match you when you go trick-or-treating for halloween in your own adult werewolf costume. A whole werewolf family of timberjacks. ha ha ha. Here’s another werewolf costume for your toddler (on the right) that is not flannel.
It’s certainly not as scary a costume though. Little paw prints on yellow costume clothing shirt? I guess if your toddler is scared of a werewolf costume it’s a good choice. I suspect with a little imagination you could probably make your own homemade werewolf costume which would look just as good and be unique. But these are always choices for your kids if you’re in a costume dilemma for halloween.
werewolf costume adult
This next werewolf is very interesting – it does not look like a normal costume for werewolves at all! White and hairy?! How strange! At least it’s unique. It’s a full body costume too, so no chance anyone will recognize you. Comes with gloves and latex werewolf mask and even werewolf feet!  Pretty cool.
werewolf costume adult

Finally, check out this last wolf costume – ok, it’s technically not listed as a werewolf costume, it’s described as the “Mad Wolf Costume”…either way, it’s a nice costume choice. Different at least! Comes with the coat, chest and headpiece.  You’ll need to buy the claws (werewolf gloves) separately on this costume.



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  1. kate says:

    hi im wolfie but you can turninto a werewolf or what ever you want with online spells so hope this works.

  1. August 26, 2009

    […] out there that a non-transformed werewolf in human form looks something like a lumber jack.  Plaid/flannel shirt, jeans, boots, beard.  Why?!  I imagine it’s probably because wolves are often seen in […]

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