werewolf fangs

werewolf fangs

werewolf fangs


Do you love werewolves? Do you turn into one? Do you know when they transform? Learn all About Me! Or even better Link To Me!

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2 Responses

  1. Rave says:

    How much would a pair of densures like the werewolf fangs above cost? Know anyone who can make some? Also how tough are they?

    I ask as I am in need of realistic, wolf-like fangs for a film im wantin to make with the werewolves in it. and i dont want the corny halloween caps over the upper and lower canines

  2. Nicky says:

    You can get them here on this website http://www.customfangs.co.uk.
    i dont know anything about them but im considering buying a pair 🙂

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