Werewolf costumes, masks -it’s almost Halloween!

I was checking around for Halloween masks and costumes today, something werewolf that I might like to dress up as for the yearly Halloween costume contest at work. There are loads of Halloween masks to go through, enough werewolf ones too. I’m checking out a Halloween mask/costume that comes with the werewolf mask and werewolf gloves, Ill keep looking around since Halloween is right around the corner. ..

For now, take a look at this lifesize werewolf prop!

American Werewolf in London werewolf Lifesize showing his fangs!

This is a picture of a lifesize werewolf prop available for sale at monstergalaxy. Foam filled head, resin cast tongue, glass eyes.

This werewolf is several feed long in real life and is considered to be from the movie. It is extremely realistic and would make party a blast! You could talk to your friends about this for years!



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2 Responses

  1. John Burns says:

    This werewolf prop looks amazing one of the best i have seen!

  2. jermell taylor says:

    how much for the were wolf mask

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