Werewolf Diet

The werewolf diet! No, I’m not talking about what werewolves eat…I’m talking about an actual new diet called the werewolf diet!  The new diet isn’t based on eating alot of meat (although one might think so based on the diet’s name), rather the diet based on the moon’s cycle.

Werewolves have always known about the exceptional power of the moon, but it seems like a whole new group of people is “discovering” this fact anew and for themselves.  These new believers are people that are following a new diet that is becoming popular in Hollywood – it’s called the werewolf diet, and stars like Demi Moore and Madonna are making it popular.

The werewolf diet is based on the belief that the moon not only effects water in the oceans – but also effects the water in the human body.  The way the diet is said to work is that on the full moon, a dieter would fast for 24 hours in what is called a “juice cleanse” meaning they only drink water and juice for a 24 hour period.  The idea is that the gravitational pull of the moon is powerful enough to have a pull upon the water found in the human body, causing that water to expel from the body along with toxins, resulting in weight loss.  It is said that when the moon is full, the gravitational effect is the strongest, therefore dieters are encouraged to fast on the night of the full moon specifically.

Whether or not the diet actually works is controversial, although promoters of the diet claim that it is effective.

Please note we do not promote this diet (or any other one).  The best way to stay healthy, look healthy, and be healthy is eating and drinking in a well-rounded balanced way.  🙂



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