There are stories of people coming into contact with a werewolf only to become frozen and unable to think or move in defense. These stories of the human contacting transformed werewolves only to become “entranced” or “stuck” seem like isolated incidents, right?

One mortal from Greek mythology that was able to transform people just by having them look deep into her eyes was Medusa. Medusa was cursed with a spell! The spell dictated that if any person looked her in the eyes they would immediatley turn to stone.

Can werewolves do the same?

Werewolves have abilities that are in fact unhuman, and slightly “mythological.” Werewolves do not however, have a power like Medusa’s to turn victims into a physical stone rock, but the werewolf does have the ability to stop a human in his or her tracks with just an encounter.

There are incidents of people coming into contact with a transformed werewolf and becoming paralyzed. Imagine that most of the humans that do randomly come across a werewolf will in fact “freeze.” Even though they do not turn to stone, they will be stuck in a frozen state from all of the fear and uncertainties from contact with the wolf, this is very similiar to that of Medusas’s abilitites.

Medusas has the ability to without even a slight touch create a human who will be paralzed, and so can the werewolf. Without a single touch the werewolf will have any human who see’s him paralyzed with fear. The fear of the unknown, death, and the future of what is to come.