werewolf face painting

If you want to dress up as a werewolf, but don’t have a store-bought mask, you can always try face painting! Although it may seem difficult, a werewolf face painting is not too terribly difficult and can have a stunning visual effect. Most face painting designs will require nothing more than white, black, and brown face-paint.

There are different styles, but most of them will involve using makeup to darken the nose, extend the mouth, and add some type of hand-drawn fur onto the skin. In addition, most face paintings are accessorized with wild puffed-out hair – either your own, or a store-bought wig.

You will notice that one area that people have different face painting ideas on is what color to make the werewolf. Some will paint the whole face a dark color and then paint fur and whiskers and details on top of the base color, giving a less human feeling to the wolf, while others will keep the face more natural looking, and simply paint the darker “fur” and details on top of the more natural skin color. People also differ on the placement of fants – they can be painted on the face itself (as depicted below in one of the videos), or you can get some fake fangs that go inside your mouth. Either choice has a great effect.

To do your own design, take inspiration from pictures of wolves that you can find online. Also, take a look at some werewolf and wolf face painting designs that people have created:



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