Werewolf fact: Werewolves are evil, soul unknown

Dear werewolf 967,

OK, I will agree that if a werewolf is evil, then he is under the influence of the devil or one of the devil’s henchmen…(since the devil is of course also evil).  And I will also agree that if a werewolf is evil, then the fact is that he is in no way good for humans…which is why we’re always trying to kill them with silver bullets.

So, I won’t dig out werewolf stories or werewolf novels or even werewolf movies as reference, I’ll just tell you what I believe…I believe that if I came face-to-face with a real werewolf and looked in his eyes, he’d probably tear me to pieces – with no mercy. I wouldn’t have enough time to see if he had a soul or not. But, this does not mean that the werewolf has no soul!!  When the werewolf transformed, he was infected by the werewolf virus  or disease (we agree on that part at least), the full moon came out and conflicted with the virus to cause the werewolf transformation (we agree on that)….and then he went from basic human instinct to animal instinct. But the transformation gave him a “rabid-dog” animal instinct-type mentality.  So, your question is could I look into the eyes of a rabid dog and still see his soul? (and you say this would be about equal to if a werewolf has a soul).  Well, my answer is there is not time to decide because you’ll be torn apart to pieces! By either rabid dog or the transformed werewolf!

So in summary, perhaps we can agree that we will never know if a werewolf has a soul (or if a rabid dog has one for that matter either).  Not unless we ourselves transformed into werewolves would we know….and we can also agree on this werewolf fact: being torn apart while you’re still alive is an act of evil…and there is no doubt that a werewolf will tear you apart.  So, we can say that werewolves are evil, OK.  And, as you say, evil is ultimately commanded by the devil. OK. But I don’t think we’ll know if he has a soul or not! And my next question would be…assumming a werewolf is evil…is a non-transformed werewolf evil? (in other words, a werewolf in his human form?)  That doesn’t really have much to do with the werewolf transformation itself, but while we’re talking about werewolf facts, we might as well review that too!



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118 Responses

  1. lune biruk says:

    but you act like one.

  2. Renel says:

    wow… Haven’t been around here for awhile ha. PeranColoratus… weird wannabe kid hilarious how clueless you are to what people on this site have going on haha you have no idea what kind of shiz goes on around here. haha sad sad irony

  3. Lee Ann says:

    shiz Renel went on here?… anyways that last comment was me btw

  4. Silent Strike says:

    Ok I haven’t been on the site for a while.
    Can somebody give me a quick summary who or what everyone here is?

  5. lune biruk says:

    just making fun of the wannabe kid.

  6. Lee ann says:

    not making fun… sort of just nailing in the fact that she/he doesn’t belong here.

  7. Zina says:

    okay then i, just liked earing different things even thought they were so sercet and well put but know this isnt my place so bye 🙁

  8. Zina says:

    i meant hearing not earing

  9. Lee ann says:

    *sigh* Im getting to stressed for these things…

  10. clone321 says:

    i believe that were’s have souls….i have this weird theory…..quote{{{This could be considered a matter of religion. According to the bible only humans have souls. Therefore werewolves have no souls. However the question arises where did their soul go. They were human once so they had a soul. What happended to it? Did it cease to exist? Or does it go to limbo or hell or somewhere? Which then begs the question if you turn someone into a werewolf do you get their soul?
    BTW there is no such thing as true evil.
    Even Satan feels that he is doing the right thing.
    Werewolves are like humans they are not all good or bad.
    if they were all bad there would be no humans left.
    Be thankful for us werewolves without us vampires would rule the world.}}}quote

    ok let’s say when god decided to start making animals and stuff he started off with a blank slate ok and he would begin creating it and making it evolve
    now let’s say he would have to go in order in evolveing other animals… possible ex. god created a fish and he evolved it into a frog
    so when god decided to make a human he went through all the other animals and stuff to make them…..okay evidence this is possible(when humans r born they r a cell and begin to become many cells then something in the dna tells the cells to turn off certain functions to become specific body parts and do certain body functions)(humans have tails when they’re in there mom also they have gills on there necks the gills heal up while they grow)this shows that human bodys have the ability to have different body parts and stuff if the right parts of dna were turned on…..so i think were’s have the ability to turn on certain parts of dna to change into whatever animal(s) they r i believe that when were’s change someone they give that person the ability to turn on the certain parts of dna to change

    okay i’ve been changed, myself ,so i truely don’t know very much about everything and has many questions to ask more info about ex. hybrid gene
    if u can’t tell me about something i understand it can be because my rank my age or such if u can’t i will leave it at that^-^

  11. Suki Foxx says:

    thats a lot of words lol

  12. clone321 says:

    i know right lol and i forgot to right about the topic lol…….anyway i belive were’s have souls i think they’re humans with the ability to turn on certain parts of dna making them stronger smarter and change^-^

    btw does anyone know the average for a new wolf to remember changing??

    cause i’ve changed in my sleep and went hunting with my bf and his pack
    i awoke the next morning to my bf calling telling me he was very proud of me….i was halfasleep and confused… he told me i caught 2 buck (12 pointers) and i killed a hunter ^-^ it was my first hunt… i’ve had a few lil moments i feel i remember a second flash but i wanna know what’s the average for a wolf to recall being a wolf???

  13. Unknown_Wolf says:

    ………It has begun

  14. Unknown_Wolf says:

    This is a warning to those who are more intune in the astral realms. Heed this warning, be very careful there is a new threat there, it is very dangerous and it is hungry. It tears the souls out of any and all who are near it. It’s very powerful and you get damaged just from being around it.

    I do not know what it is or how it came to be but it is not something to be messed with.

  15. lune biruk says:

    probably David and his friends he said that they will team up with vampires and take over the world.

  16. cursed says:

    i will tell you that werewolves do have souls, i can also tell you things only wolves know of.
    1. we wake up sick every morning from digesting too much blood and meat our normal stomaches cannot handle from after when we turn back.
    2. we do need blood or meat to survive , but our bodies crave it like a lust few have ever known. we can grow weak from not feeding on meat if we crave it long enough and do not feed
    3. we are not all evil
    4. only ones born with it like I have higher powers for instance
    : the power to control shape shifting at will, but tasting of meat or blood, sexual arousal and anger can stimulate the wolf to change
    : higher sense of smell, sight and hearing
    : we do not age as fast ,we have a higher metabolism so our bodies can burn through food quicker
    : can read some thoughts or have astral control , but as i said some can use powers for good or evil, those who use for good no better to try to control anything
    :we do heal faster, also grow hair faster for some reason.
    : increased strength
    : can change eye color at will, also slightly shift and cause veins to pop out,skin to turn blue and heart to race , bones to pop out and slowly shift
    : have a very increased libido almost a unquenchable thirst
    : i should also add we have a unique bone structure , higher hip bone
    placement , longer finger digits, enlarged canines , long arms ,long legs , again it depends on whom it is. all i have met have these traits in common
    5. also bio-rythym does have a effect on us, we are stronger during certain times of the month and also weakest during certain times , different for everyone.
    6. as for the result of shape-shifting if defers with whom it is, some can full shift , some can partial. only a true wolf can show proof that he is a wolf, we have a rare blood phenomenon that is passed geneticaly throughout family, some may get it and some may not. it does start to show at puberty and as for being passed through bites or sex it can, usualy it can be passed through blood transfering or bodily fluids other than saliva.it hurts like hell and can be difficult to control at times.
    7. we become very very weak after we shift back
    8. we will probably be never accepted and because of this we do not show our true selves or let on of our curse, only in our small groups of friends and family do show what god has decided we must become
    9. the only damned or evil ones are those who decide to make others like us.

  17. Casey says:

    I do believe werewolves have souls. The bible is wrong, sorry to burst your bubble. 🙂

  18. Renken says:

    Werewolfs do have souls, and so do all other animals. I think that most christians are closed minded and just believe what they wanted, were told to believe. Really open up the box and take in the reality guys.

  19. Wereboy says:

    There is another group hunting werewolves down A.P.A.A.W

  20. Maranwe says:

    Well, if werewolves did indeed exsist, they’d act most likely like cavemen. But, seeing how humans are the only (known) sentient being here on Earth, I can only look at how we evolved and substitute monkey like behaviors with that of canines.
    Looking at it without the whole paranormal devils-are-real-and-control-things aspect, it’s safe to say that werewolves, or any animal really, is NOT evil. Animals, including people, are programmed to survive and keep their species alive, and that very often means killing off another species to ensure your own will live on. Killing like that gets rid of the weaker type, making the world stronger, which is a good deed.
    So, if werewolves exsist, they’d be primitive, probably tribal species that we’d know tons about. As cool as they are, it’s highly doubted that they could evade us this long without us even finding any DNA.

  21. Maranwe says:

    And on a side note, if you claim animals have no souls because “God only gave souls to humans” you may want to recheck that. The Bible has many flaws. And besides, “souls” are a theory, they are not linked to intelligence, which is the 1 thing that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

    The difference between a wolf and a werewolf (in a way) is that a werewolf is a lot smarter and more human link, they have a LOT more reasoning power. reasoning is what intelligence is all about.

    -Humans = monkeys that evolved further with the ability to reason and use tools.
    -Werewolves = Wolves with the abilty to stand up, reason further, and use tools (assumably)
    -Humans are in the same boat at werewolves, and vise versa.
    -Werewolves = humans
    -Humans have souls, thus, werewolves have souls.

    I’ll GLADLY listen to a non-religious theory that states how I am wrong. The point to this is sharing info!

  22. lumuria says:

    gramps told me that werewolves were created when a woodsmen from long ago came across a beautiful
    women a huntress if you will. Near death the man saved her and she soon fell for the man
    but her father Hyperion grew angry at the man and attacked him declaring him unworthy to even
    look at her. strangely the Man won against Hyperion, but found his body changed his body more
    animal then human. disgusted by the man the huntress left in her silver chariot for the moon.
    while the human man wept at his abandonment and soon his flesh returned to normal and he moved on.
    Every full moon however when the man gazed at the full moon he found his body returned to the
    monster it had been on the night of Hyperion’s defeat. passing this curse down through generations.
    has caused many grief and anger and one day long ago the descendant of the man grew angry on a full
    moon loosing himself to the lust and began to attack and attempt to kill everyone he met. Later tracked
    by his brothers he was killed but his legacy continued as his victims also began to change when they
    gazed at the moon a strong lust for power,need and longing overwhelming the basic mind sending
    the victims into a pure need to survive thus the cycle continued for 2342 years.

  23. Creselia Wolf says:

    you see, i believe that werewolves are certainly NOT evil, will hesitate to kill you and most protect the humans. i have been planning to turn myself into a werewolf so i can at least save some people. i believe that they wont kill you (unless they are evil, like some are) unless you hurt them or threaten to kill them. also silver dosnt kill werewolves unless shot as a bullet) but it does cause pain and discomfort. and 1 more thing, jwolf and others, dont go round telling everyone ur a werewolf cuz they might wanna kill you cuz there afraid of werewolves and stuff. if sum1 told u a werewolf is a evil, blood thirsty monster do not believe them at all.

  24. Siberian Fox says:

    wolves, children, are our friends.

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