Werewolf fact: Werewolves are evil, soul unknown

Dear werewolf 967,

OK, I will agree that if a werewolf is evil, then he is under the influence of the devil or one of the devil’s henchmen…(since the devil is of course also evil).  And I will also agree that if a werewolf is evil, then the fact is that he is in no way good for humans…which is why we’re always trying to kill them with silver bullets.

So, I won’t dig out werewolf stories or werewolf novels or even werewolf movies as reference, I’ll just tell you what I believe…I believe that if I came face-to-face with a real werewolf and looked in his eyes, he’d probably tear me to pieces – with no mercy. I wouldn’t have enough time to see if he had a soul or not. But, this does not mean that the werewolf has no soul!!  When the werewolf transformed, he was infected by the werewolf virus  or disease (we agree on that part at least), the full moon came out and conflicted with the virus to cause the werewolf transformation (we agree on that)….and then he went from basic human instinct to animal instinct. But the transformation gave him a “rabid-dog” animal instinct-type mentality.  So, your question is could I look into the eyes of a rabid dog and still see his soul? (and you say this would be about equal to if a werewolf has a soul).  Well, my answer is there is not time to decide because you’ll be torn apart to pieces! By either rabid dog or the transformed werewolf!

So in summary, perhaps we can agree that we will never know if a werewolf has a soul (or if a rabid dog has one for that matter either).  Not unless we ourselves transformed into werewolves would we know….and we can also agree on this werewolf fact: being torn apart while you’re still alive is an act of evil…and there is no doubt that a werewolf will tear you apart.  So, we can say that werewolves are evil, OK.  And, as you say, evil is ultimately commanded by the devil. OK. But I don’t think we’ll know if he has a soul or not! And my next question would be…assumming a werewolf is evil…is a non-transformed werewolf evil? (in other words, a werewolf in his human form?)  That doesn’t really have much to do with the werewolf transformation itself, but while we’re talking about werewolf facts, we might as well review that too!



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118 Responses

  1. lycan says:

    im a werewolf and im relly mad at you ppl. we are not evil. vampires are not evil eiather. some are some are not. get it in your head. now shut up about us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    im noy evil unless you double cross me then ur dead

  3. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    noy should be not

  4. Christ's soldier says:

    my personal opinion about werewolves having souls is that if they are human, then of course they have souls as far as them transforming, i compare to someone who is demon posessed, they take on a different spirit, their bodies completely taken over by another entity but yet still have a soul ,only its the other entity completely taken over until back to normal.(which by the way, demons that posess people have been SEEN to alter the persons body) ive read its linked to witch craft so it has to be linked to the devil. if youve read the bible anything outside of Gods ways is from either man(which is still considered evil) or the devil. man has been cursed since adam and eve, we are all born evil and have satan as our spiritual father.(John 8:44, ye are of your father the devil, and the LUSTS of your father ye will do.he was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the TRUTH, because there is no truth in HIM. when he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.) yes we are all on our way to hell unless we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.(John 3:17, For God sent not his son into the world to CONDEMN the world; but that the world through HIM MIGHT BE SAVED!) that is why Jesus died on the cross, because he loves us so much(which our human minds cant begin to comprehend) that he actually left his throne in heaven to make a way for us to escape damnation. i hope God touches someone or everyone that reads this, i pray that your eyes may be enlightened by his word. God bless you.

  5. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    im an athiest so no god for me

  6. me says:

    everything has souls ^^

  7. Christ's soldier says:

    even atheist HAVE to BELIEVE they are atheist.

  8. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    if god did exist he could not be all knowing he would not let you humans destroy the planet he would interviene and we would have found him by now

  9. Jarlath says:

    And even the time of the christians is so young compared to most. Simply put religion is perception and truth cannot be found through one book unless you want to find it there. Life is all about taste even with religion, simply put if humans were to die off, so called “Gods Creations” would flourish. So you have to ask yourself, does being a so called soldier for Christ give you anything but self satisfaction to an idea that you follow?

    If we all set aside these petty ideas wars wouldn’t occur “In The Name Of God”. We are all children on this planet and all we have done is take for ourselves. We fight for a figurehead, a role model, because were taught to believe that we cannot solve our own problems, we cannot control our own fates, and we cannot be ourselves.

    If god made us to simply worship him than he would have not given us a mind of our own and condemned us for choosing our own fate, which he clearly gave.

  10. Oops I forgot to change my name

  11. Also athiests dont HAVE to BELIEVE they are athiest, They CHOOSE to BELIEVE

  12. llyon says:

    they choose to belive in nothing….. god is so powerful, war, greed, famine…. why does all this exsit?? why belive in a idol of human misfortune? “god” is the idea they turn to befor they die…. people base their whole lives on the idea that they will live a better life in heaven…. how would you know?? your dead

  13. jo and me are one :P says:

    some werewolves are rumored to be evil but i never believed in that, I think they are only corrupted by somethin that no one even knows what it really is.

  14. James Barton says:

    lol werewolves are not real

  15. Re-searcha says:

    lol…james barton….let them bask in their mad delusions. It’s actually fascinating me. I think the problem is that these people are virgins so they fantasize about been movie monsters. But it’s all good…at least we get to laugh at them.

  16. alvaroferw says:

    im a werewolf and for the great love of god the werewolfs ARE NOT EVIL im a werewolf and im not evil i not eat people only meat of some animals and obviously if you see a werewolf he gona kill you they and ME do that becouse no one need to know werewolf are real and again i will say it im a werewolf and im not evil or my soul is a devil bla bla bla

  17. Re-searcha says:

    lol…this guys comment.

  18. death by moon says:

    I say werewolves are all people when they aren’t transformed, and all people have souls so pretty much a werewolf can be be good or evil. and again re-searcha you really need to get off the site if thats your view. We cant all be insane you ass.

  19. Wolf says:

    There are “rogue” werewolves out there so beware. but we are not evil heck most werewolves don’t even believe in the devil to most he does not exist i am one of these, but we do belive in the almighty lord and jesus and that he created us werewolves. get this humans, Did you know that a werewolf can be the bestest friend you will ever have, because we don’t like you for what you have got or how rich you are, no, we like you for who you are (if we like you [ if you seem nice and friendly] to begin with ya know if you are a good person)

  20. applebottom says:

    hi, wolf im one of those humans:).

  21. lee ann says:

    you dont have to be a werewwolf to like someone for who they are…..

  22. applebottom says:

    🙂 hi, lee ann idk if u r postin that comment to me, but if ur i dont care if ur a vampire or werewolf or just plain human i would still like you.

  23. lee ann says:

    hey whats up, that’d be coolio its good not to be other species racist i guess im sorry im totally failing at conversations today

  24. applebottom says:


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