The werewolf familiar

A familiar is an animal that embodies a supernatural spirit that aids a witch, demon, or magician in performing magic.  They act as both companions and servants, carrying out the needs and wishes of their master.  In the case of witches, the traditional form a familiar takes is that of a cat – usually a black cat.  Witches have however been known to take on other familiars – for example, there is some history of toads and dogs being witch’s familiars.  Regardless of what type of animal serves as the familiar – the basics of the familiar are the same – they work as an ally to their master…sometimes almost an extension of them.

Werewolves do not perform magic, so do not have familiar’s in the traditional, animal sense of the word.  They do however often have “helpers” and allies that serve them.  In many cases this helper is a human.  Werewolves that have human familiars are generally self-serving werewolves.  Alot of the time, they’ll use the human for doing their dirty work.



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3 Responses

  1. I personally say it’s different for all this is more of a generalization.

  2. Yes. Witches can have familliars.

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