werewolf games

Werewolves games to play! There is a lycanthrope game you can download to your iphone or ipod that is called werewolf (itunes link). The lycan game states that you are able to play with just one device, handing the device around in a pack with at least a few players. The game is best played with the maximum amount of players, which is 7 characters, some who may not be a lycan.

The werewolf game game is available for download at the itunes store; currently it is not a free.

There are not many werewolf games online that are available for free of play, and this one seems to be the best choice for your ipod or iphone.

The next time you have your pack of friends sitting around play the werewolf game!

werewolf games

werewolf games



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  1. alpha female lone wolf says:

    hey some1 there

  2. Toreeane says:

    omg i love werewolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aconissa says:

    If you go on iTunes and look up werewolf apps, the first few are werewolf related, but then you get a LOT of vampire stuff…

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