Werewolf Gifts

Here are a few werewolf gifts to consider for the holidays…

Part of the Mega Blocks Plasmaverse Series, the Werewolf Mega Blocks Plasma Kreaps – aka the Night Forest Stalker – for only $5.99 – is a pretty cool werewolf gift. It’s a buildable werewolf that comes in a box with a cocoon pouch…if you buy some of the other creatures in the series (they have zombies, vampires, mummys, ghouls), you can make hybrid creatures.

Mega Bloks Werewolf gift

Mega Bloks Werewolf gift

Another option if you’re looking for werewolf gifts is to try a costume idea, but if it’s not halloween, you don’t want to get a werewolf mask, because let’s face it, you can’t wear a mask all the time… but… what about the other end of the body? The feet? You always need something to cover them, and these werewolf feet are a really cool werewolf gift.

werewolf feet

werewolf feet

Finally, if you really like werewolf gifts you can wear and aren’t werewolf toys, you might consider the werewolf hoodie. If you pull the hood up and let it cover your face, it’s supposed to look like a werewolf head. (This is a really cool gift, although the more I look at it, the more it looks kind of like a zebra, doesn’t it?)




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7 Responses

  1. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    i have 1 word degrading especially the hoodie

  2. Jay says:

    Lol is that a boar! And what’s with the grotesque shoes and the mega block thing is that the hunchback of Notre dame lol I think that the people who buy these are crazy. Lmao if they come out with a chia lycan I’m gonna attack the creator. lol jokes can only go so far.

  3. jo says:

    ehhe it really looks like a boar ^^

  4. yeah it does, or a Zebra!

  5. Stellaluxa says:

    It DOES look like a boar!!!!!!

  6. SheWolf81 says:

    An embarrassment to be seen in, even for Halloween.
    Where are all the cool and realistic Werewolf attire.
    I have seen better stuff than this just at SPIRIT HALLOWEEN and such.
    I will never forget the first time I saw WOLF with Jack Nickelson, now there’s a Werewolf! I am not really sure what my favorite Werewolf film is. They need to make more. I mean Vampires are really great, too; but I do not know there is just something intriguing and mysterious about the Werewolf.

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