werewolf giving birth in human form


Werewolves giving birth in human form is a natural part of human life. Werewolves in human form are normal people, the difference comes when they transform. When the female werewolf in human form gives birth she MAY or MAY NOT pass along her “infection” to her children. To be one hundred percent sure she passes the “virus” in her to her children she must give birth in werewolf form which have many complications. Giving birth to an “infected” baby in human form is another rare situation, only time will tell if the baby is infected and this would be very rare.

Why does the werewolf in human form not pass along her curse?

It seems we narrow it down to the period when the werewolf is in human form. When she is in human form her blood and all cells have the normalities just as every human does but with a “virus” not able to be seen by the naked eye. The virus would have to be viewed under an electron microscope and even then there are no guarantees that one will be able to spot the virus. The problem in the blood does not surface until transformation of the werewolf, the “virus” is able to stay dormant until transformation. When the human begins to transform into werewolf the virus will come out of dormancy and some of the cell abnormalities can be seen, but not all, and only by the trained eye. The chances of a werewolf in human form giving birth to an infected baby is extremely rare; the chances of a werewolf in werewolf form giving birth to an infected baby is also very rare.



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  1. wolfman2299 says:

    a werewolf WILL PASS the infection because even though the trait is hidden into their body it is still a part of their DNA.

  2. Sorrel says:

    i agree

  3. Brayovyn says:

    agreed though the ‘infection’ has been known to skip some generations

  4. the one who knows says:

    sorry to interject but the orginal werewolf blood line could only be passed on by being one of Marqu’s children or one of there kids and so on.

    Now there was a story told long ago of a new breed of weres that could inflict the werewolf dna into others but that to me is just a story

    The werewolf did not die out just lost traits over time
    Example: The first werewolf could make 4 of himself maybe even more and was born to make sure the treaty of palidn was upheld
    It wasn’t and humans were the first to break it. When King Kranus shatter the unbreakable walls of palidn.

  5. Bella Fox says:

    Wait if werewolves can turn humans into wolves…does that mean they can turn wolves into humans?! ….hahaha…imagine that…

  6. jay says:

    ???? lol i don’t know what to say to this comment

  7. if you have tow wolves amting in human form and give birth in human form or wolf form or what ever, its still going to be passed one, dont let these posts trick you, there always merely ideas for the most part

  8. lee ann says:


  9. Courtney says:

    I was born a werewolf cool im rare good fo me im speacel yet not speacel cuz i never get to be humen

  10. Gold says:

    Yae and nay for you it’s seems

  11. UNKNOW GUY says:

    Some of you have no idea what the curse really does an how it goes along. A few know but yet its the few that don’t just come out omg werewolf. Why put your self out there just to be hunted. The government puts movies out there so people are like oh its fake will never happen but how can you say things are fake when people do not understand life to the full extent. The curse can be a gift if you know how to control it. There for the people that don’t know much about the curse.

  12. werewolf expert says:

    OH LOLS !!!
    Lets get some facts stright first.

    It is not a virus it is a GEN what costs the mutation in the humans cells (core of Cells named DNA).

    You have probly seen Underground movies they had GEN MONUPULATION LAB nota virus lab they was compinating gens betvine werewolfs and vampyers ther is not suth thing as werewolf virus only GENs.

  13. werewolf expert says:

    i suggest u going back and study some biolgy and anotomy of werewolfs

  14. sara-monica says:

    If there are any werewolves in South Africa could you just say you are I need to know if there is anyone else like me

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