Werewolves giving birth in human form is a natural part of human life. Werewolves in human form are normal people, the difference comes when they transform. When the female werewolf in human form gives birth she MAY or MAY NOT pass along her “infection” to her children. To be one hundred percent sure she passes the “virus” in her to her children she must give birth in werewolf form which have many complications. Giving birth to an “infected” baby in human form is another rare situation, only time will tell if the baby is infected and this would be very rare.

Why does the werewolf in human form not pass along her curse?

It seems we narrow it down to the period when the werewolf is in human form. When she is in human form her blood and all cells have the normalities just as every human does but with a “virus” not able to be seen by the naked eye. The virus would have to be viewed under an electron microscope and even then there are no guarantees that one will be able to spot the virus. The problem in the blood does not surface until transformation of the werewolf, the “virus” is able to stay dormant until transformation. When the human begins to transform into werewolf the virus will come out of dormancy and some of the cell abnormalities can be seen, but not all, and only by the trained eye. The chances of a werewolf in human form giving birth to an infected baby is extremely rare; the chances of a werewolf in werewolf form giving birth to an infected baby is also very rare.