Here’s a really fun werewolf cupcakes recipe design for you to make this halloween!  Start with a standard size cupcake – if you don’t want to make your own from scratch, you can buy a pre-made mix – vanilla or chocolate is fine – Duncan Hines sells some really tasty mixes.  If you do want to make your own from scratch, you can try this chocolate cupcakes recipe, or this vanilla cupcakes recipe.  Once you have the unfrosted cupcake ready and cooled out of the oven, then you’ll need the following to start your design:

  • marshmellows  (which you’ll cut and shape into the ears and mouth)
  • M&Ms  (for the eyes)
  • Red Fruit Roll Up  (for the open howling mouth)
  • Chocolate Frosting  (for the fur)
  • Black Jelly Bean  (for the nose)
  • pastry bag with a V tip (to put on the fur)

You will then want to follow the directions here for a really fun-looking werewolf halloween cupcake.  You know, on second thought, don’t just make these cupcakes on halloween, make them any time!