For those of you that live in Tennessee, there is a place called Werewolf Springs located in Dickson County, Tennessee,  where as legend has it, lives a werewolf.
Tennessee werewolf
The legends and stories which are told by locals say that in the 1860s a circus train derailed, spilling its cargo.  One of the things the circus train was carrying was the “Wolfmen of Borneo” – two supposed “wolfmen” (or werewolves) who were part of the circus attraction.  They say that when cleaning up the wreck, the two wolfmen were never found, dead or alive after the train crash.

Sightings of a creature in the forest surrounding the crash continued for a few years after the train crash.  On various ocassions travelers in the area were followed, chased, or disappeared.  Reported sightings include a huge creature totally covered in hair, and other reports included the sounds of howling.  One report claimed the creature was not hurt by bullets which were shot at it and that it disappeared when daylight came.  To the present day people still hear screams and howls coming from the woods at night.

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Although the exact location of the supposed train crash is unknown, sightings have been reported along Trace Creek and Turnbull Creek. Others also say that “Werewolf Springs” is actually “Hall Springs”, an area accessible via a hike, and located in Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee.  The area is very woodsy, and various people have reported odd noises in the area – is a werewolf or wolfman still hiding in the woods?