Being Human / Being werewolf

I agree with what werewolf967 says about werewolf tv – there’s not alot out there so when you find a good one, you’ve got to watch!, and this one – Being Human – actually looks pretty interesting! I’m not crazy about the way they say that the werewolf likes to be locked up during transformation so that he doesnt hurt anyone. Im just not too crazy about the way they portray the transformed werewolf as purely animalistic, when it’s not that way! We all know that during transformation a werewolf keeps his human intelligence, and with time can also learn to control his urges and instincts.



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165 Responses

  1. artic kitsune says:

    okay thats not him i knew a joey sinopoili

  2. anonymous says:

    anyone knows what kills vampires.

  3. anonymous says:

    so i can stay away from it.

  4. alpha female lone wolf says:


  5. alpha female lone wolf says:

    hey jeff

  6. Jeff says:

    Murder and avoidance are two completely different things.

    O and hai

  7. anonymous says:


  8. anonymous says:

    are you jeff st john?

  9. alpha female lone wolf says:

    grrrrrr shut up jeff im out cya

  10. artic kitsune says:

    im new here & so lonely i need someone 2 talk 2

  11. Jeff says:

    (to anonymous)

  12. artic kitsune says:

    hi jeff whats up

  13. anonymous says:

    sorry, I know a jeff st john

  14. ok im done with what i was doing so…….

  15. artic kitsune says:

    okay why does no1 like me

  16. Jeff says:

    Sorry. Was sketching an invention I made up a while ago, lol

  17. its not that lol here meat me here if u want to talk 1 on 1

  18. artic kitsune says:

    okay lol yah lone told me to say that i hit her after so what invention is it

  19. Jeff says:

    It’s an ion powered energy weapon. Or simply, a lightning gun, lol o_o

  20. Luke Randall says:


  21. Luke Randall says:

    I need help.

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