Werewolf Hunter in Washington

Earlier this week a man on Bainbridge Island – which is located near Seattle, Washington – was found waving a sword and claiming to be a werewolf hunter. The man was outside of the parking lot of a ProBuild hardware store.  He claimed he was “hunting werewolves and chuds”.  The man was taken in for evaluation.

This story is not good news for werewolves.  The Seattle community is likely already bubbling with the news and everyone is talking about werewolves in WashingtonWerewolves in the area need to be especially careful with their identity.

Who knows whether or not this man was a real werewolf hunter or not?  There is the possibility that it was a indeed a crazed man.  But there is also the possibility that he was a real werewolf hunter.  Yes, it is true that werewolf hunters typically maintain a low profile so as not to be identified by humans.  But it is possible that this was a real werewolf hunter that for some reason blew his cover…the most likely reason being that the werewolf got the better of the man and caused the man to lose his normal cool.  Or perhaps the werewolf terrorized the man to this point on purpose with the idea of putting him away for good!

Regardless of if the man was a real werewolf hunter or not, the fact remains that he has brought unwanted attention to werewolves in the Seattle Washington area.  Right now humans  in the area don’t believe in the story the werewolf hunter gave them but if there are any werewolves in the area that inadvertently reveal themselves the rumors as to the man’s supposed “craziness” could quickly turn into widespread panic at the possibility there are real werewolves in the area.

Werewolves in the Seattle area should maintain a low profile until this blows over – other real werewolf hunters could be watching the news and the area – also we don’t want rumors of a werewolf sighting to follow the capture of a (real or not!) werewolf hunter!



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57 Responses

  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    @anthony: how does one know if they are being hunted? i see this back truck that appears all the time around my destination. maybe im just paranoid or its not the same truck, but im just wondering.

  2. Amanda says:

    Werewolves are real. I’ve seen one. He was running a weedeater and wearing bib overalls. I was scared to death but walked right by him. He saved me. I almost died that night in the woods. May 2008 in Montana.

  3. Gold says:

    Sounds like A good soap opera

  4. purple says:

    Is this some gaming site or is @Anthony a real werewolf?

  5. Althoka Des Yunimpata says:

    There is one truth that can be told. No one posting on this page is Garou, no one reading these posts either. True Vulk and Hindering Despat are beyond humanity and its toys, the internet included. To find a true howler, look beyond the corporeal, set aside the ethereal and realize that you are looking into a mirror, at a fool. Untahd won Limpata.

  6. Pwincess says:

    Ok I have to admit this is all new to me. I am online looking into all of this because I was just informed by my sons bio dad that he is a werewolf hunter. He admitted to me that he works with a group of people employed by the catholic church. He also told me that about 10 years ago he killed a child or pup of a pack. I am confident as a witch that all kinds of creatures exist and I also believe you all have the right to live and be happy and love. What I do not know is if he is telling the truth, how do I stop him and make sure he does not try to draw my son into his destruction? Please help me help all of you.

  7. Mr says:

    I want to be a werewolf.

  8. Inflixion says:

    You guys should know better than to blow your cover because werewolf hunters travel. Me and my pack have been chased before and it’s bound to happen to one of you if you’re not careful so keep your eyes peeled and your noses to the ground

  9. Jackie says:

    Dang…I’m a “loner” wolf, so the hunters may go after a pack not a lone were. Or it may be the other way around…

  10. adriana says:

    Im not a hunter nor a werewolf. I have been pushed away by werewolves. A pack came to hate me. So i challanged them. I dont want to hurt werewolves. Dont mistaken me

  11. phantom says:

    Couple questions. 1. What difference in the life span of a lycan an a cold one?
    2. How do I become a wearwolf?
    3. And why would you admit what state your in if you and your pack don’t wish to be hunted?

    If there is any chance of someone in wa state that is willing to discuss the subject with me l lease email me.

  12. phantom says:


    How did you become ? And how can I?

  13. Gabriel says:

    @phantom: the correct term is anything but lycanthrope since lycanthrope in itself is a mental illness, they live to the adverage human age depending on adverage human factors. And by cold one I assume you mean vampire? Just easier to call them that, no need for drama, and I am unaware of their lifespan but Mary may know but idk when she’ll be on again. As far as anyone on this website knows you can’t become one, for that answer I’d suggest you go searching elsewhere. As for number three… First off you said “state” as in a disease which being a werewolf is not, it’s inherited, and hardly a one takes people who claim to be a werewolf seriously let alone goes to lengths to kill them… At least no one who is sane. Now please don’t leave because I said idk how you can become a werewolf… Everyone else does it and it gets annoying so please do me the courtesy of replying.

  14. phantom says:


    When I said state I ment it as washington arizona ect. . I understand what you are saying.

  15. Gabriel says:

    @phantom: ah ok re-reading that I see it now. So any other info you wish to know? FYI I am not a wolf… Actually a bear but I don’t feel like going into much detail there. I have learned alot about werewolves through this site though and also know about auras and a few other odd things.

  16. Keatherian says:

    I am not a wolf but I have visions all the time I come in a holy way so if you are a real wolf I would like to ask a few question to make a hard decision

  17. Aldamek says:

    To prove the abstraction, Here I am hunters. Age 28 Kennewick WA. If you can manage to find me, a world of wonder awaits you.

  18. Pokemon says:

    At Aldemek: You know if you mean by “A world of wonder awaits you” you mean you being flirtatious? Sorry but if you are, this isn’t a dating site. But if you are a 12 year old on a computer saying that you are a freaking werewolf hunter then sorry but there are no hunters and stop role playing. And we are not hunters if that is what you mean. So just get off. Or maybe i should leave this to Lycanhope he always does better than me with this B.S so either wait for Lycanhope for further inquiry or Gtfo….now.

  19. Pokemon says:

    Sorry if there is confusion this is actually mary i’m using neva’s lap top and forgot to change the user name.

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @Pokemon: I think he’s saying he/she’s a werewolf, and is inviting hunters to have a go.

    @Aldamek: Yeah, don’t know what you think is going to happen, but in actuality nothing will. Hunters aren’t a thing.
    However giving out personal information on the Internet isn’t really that smart. Something a 28 year old really should have learned by now.
    And the whole “come at me brah” challenge really doesn’t seem appropriate for that age either.

  21. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @anthony: that’s very true

  22. zakaru says:

    you will never cacth me im the one pack member u wont cath i live in colfax iowa

  23. sandra says:

    yes they do exist I side the same thanking that they don’t exist and tell one night me and my son were look for deer in the back of the land we saw the dog’s so I yell get out of here the dog’s I new them after I yell I saw come to me were blood red eyes it was to big for a dog and dog don’t have blood red eyes there is’t a anml that has blood red eyes that night they are yellow are yellow green it was in shepherd,tx I have send all of thank in my life seen I was a kid have seed ghost I have send a werewolf wend I was a teen my mom send it to but she thouth it was a cat and tell it got up I did’t think of it now but the one I saw wend I was a teen and now as a ault there are thanking in this world that u spland u do’t no be cause u have send any thanking yet.

  24. nightwolf says:

    @sandra: please oh please grammer check your self i cant understand half of what your saying (the last half to be exact)

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