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Not all werewolves are the same, each is part human and each have their own feelings, emotions, and thoughts that they react to. I believe that the issue involving the bad image of werewolves is taken by the humans who have the rare bad occurrence with a wolf. Bad news goes around faster than good news. This rule follows the weighted one around making each wolf accountable for the few that make the bad decisions to cause trouble.

Even though it seems that humans have made a point of emphasizing the evil character of the typical prototype werewolf it does not mean that they are correct in their assumption that werewolves are evil. Many humans only know of the weighted one from movies, often knowing nothing more than the Hollywood prototype. They might be surprised to know that werewolves are closer to them than they think, often a co-worker, family member, or neighbor, probably some of the nicest people they know.

The werewolf has to listen do the scrutiny of the humans and mostly is never is granted an opportunity to defend himself. Humans are allowed to speak up, they are allowed to defend their image and control it however they see fit. I find the werewolf image to be doing quite well seeing as how werewolves cannot openly defend their it.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. Simply put the humans can have there opinions on the matter, life is full of opinions

  2. Omigioha says:

    Im a werewolf look

  3. Omigioha says:

    thxs sooo much for not thinking im crazy you are a true wolf friend my name is mamahfagd its my she wolf name

  4. Omigioha says:

    I sooo happy wolf in disguise anyway is this where werewolves and shewolves talk about their lives? i really hope i can howl out for you

  5. Omigioha says:

    Anyone here…..?

  6. Omigioha says:

    Hi anyone here plz tell me im a wolf to

  7. Omigioha says:

    When is wolf in disguise getting back on i think she is the nicest werewolf eva

  8. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    im a he and ill be on about 10eastern standard time

  9. Omigioha says:

    hey im sorry about that

  10. Omigioha says:

    i live in romania my werewolf friends and she wolf friends we meet up at night so yeah oh yeah wolf in disguise are we friends really want to know and do you eat humans or animals?

  11. omigioha says:

    anyone on?

  12. omigioha says:


  13. me says:

    (very very late comment)ehhe. she really doesn’t like alice much. lol! eheh this w.d. or ian really does interest us all human or…. alike ^^.

  14. zach says:

    hello anyone on

  15. me says:

    eheh last night maybe…

  16. me says:

    hm… eheh my comment maybe very late. but somehow i see that werewolf967 has some pint in this blog. the blog is somehow reffering to someone i know……

  17. To all werewolves: By all means, control your ego. Don’t get a case of, what my grandmother says, “the bighead.” That means humble yourself. I remember when I first became a general, I was cocky. I learned my lesson when I was almost killed. Humble yourself, for you risk the lives of yourself and others if you don’t.

  18. moony says:

    im a werewolf like most of u who are leaving comments. sadly im only 10 years old. but im not the average werewolf who was bitten. i was actually born a werewolf. possibly the only person ever born werewolf. luckily i can control myself on the full moon and whats actualy cool about being a werewolf is i can change whenever i want. except on the full moon i have no choice but to change. i think luck is just on my side. cuz ive run into a cute guy whos a werewolf like me.

  19. moony says:

    another cool thing is when i change i can be a full wolf or mostly wolf but a little bit human looking or mostly human but a little bit wolfish looking. or just human. just to let u guys know next full moon is the 29 and its march of 2010 right now

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