werewolf in Dark Shadows!

If you’ve been wanting to see the new Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows, but were a little put off because you thought it only had a vampire in it – take heart! It also has a werewolf!!! The werewolf plays a minor role, and is only revealed at the end of the movie, but they just couldn’t resist adding one!

If you’re not sure what Dark Shadows is, it’s a new movie out that’s actually based on a 1960s soap opera. The movie is about a 200 year old vampire named Barnabus Collins who is imprisoned by his nemesis and woman who is in love with him – Angelique Bouchard. Angelique turns out to be a witch, who in her broken hearted vengeful state locks him up in a coffin for 200 years. Barnabus eventually emerges from his shackles (with a little luck) and pursues rebuilding his life, family and town.

I will not tell you who the werewolf turns out to be in the movie, but you might be able to guess! 😉 I will say that I wasn’t too big a fan of how they portrayed the werewolf – even though you only catch a brief glimpse, in that glimpse you can see there’s too much CGI, and I didn’t care for it’s look either – I’ve seen much better portrayals.



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  1. ILiekPizza says:

    Probably not going to watch it then :\

  2. Tia says:

    Yeah I have seen ads at the movies about it when My Dad was in town but we watch hurger games instead. 🙂

  3. Argharna Welyn says:


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